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Gomez, Jacqueline - Artist

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Location: Shah Alam, Malaysia

Art has been a passion ever since I can remember, and from a young age I knew creating art would be what I dedicated my life to. Creating while still (to quote Christopher Hitchens) trying to ".. keep opposing ideas alive in the same mind" is truly what inspires (and frustrates) me daily. Pulling all these apparently divergent realities together, and then, breathing life into the resultant amalgamation in a way that speaks true to those who behold it on canvas, is an incredibly satisfying challenge. In so doing, I strive to create work that envisages the eternal explorations of 'truth' - that intangible carrot that teases us forward.. and that binds us as humans, irrespective of race, religion or the confines of social norms... However I also see the persistent honing of my artistic skills as integral to creating, and exploring and developing my skills in differing mediums and techniques is one of the many amazing and ever inspiring parts of the process.

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