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Statue of a Girl Stares Down the Famous ‘Charging Bull’ on Wall St

March 18, 2017 in Art, artist, Sculpture

Earlier this week, a small bronze statue of a girl, designed by artist Kristen Visbel, appeared overnight in the path of the bull statue. The young girl stares down the famous Wall Street charging bull in an act of defiance. It’s intended to highlight the gender disparity of senior level roles at US financial firms; 85 […]

Did You Know There Was a Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Faces?

November 29, 2016 in Art, Carving, Nature, Sculpture

Now it is true that people will collect almost anything, but there is a place in Chichibu, Japan, where the collection is possibly one of its kind. It’s called the Chinsekikan (which means hall of curious rocks) and it houses over 1700 rocks that resemble human faces. The museum houses all kinds of jinmenseki, or rock with a human face, […]

The Most Famous Cat in Istanbul Is Honored With His Own Statue

October 6, 2016 in Animals, Art, Sculpture

You might remember the various memes that hit the interwebs a little while ago when someone snapped a photograph of Tombili chilling on the steps of a street in Istanbul. It didn’t take long for Tombili to become an internet legend, so it was fitting that when he passed away in August, he was honored in the real […]

Artist Carves a Family Of Elephants Into a Pencil

July 14, 2016 in Animals, Art, Carving, Sculpture

When we last saw Cindy Chinn, she carved a train into a pencil that went completely viral all over the interwebs (see HERE). Here latest and most elaborate creation is the Elephant Walk, commissioned by the Epiphany Elephant Museum. According to Cindy, the design started out simple, an Elephant with a foil stamped logo. Then she got […]

These San Francisco Steps Glow At Night From The Moonlight

June 10, 2016 in Art, artist, Ceramics, Sculpture

A spectacular community led project has just hit the streets (and stairs) of San Francisco. Titled “The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps Project“, friends and neighbors got together to cover the 163 steps at 16th and Moraga with a beautifully colorful tile mosaic. It may look beautiful during the day, but it is at night where […]

A Man Leaves His Glasses on the Museum Floor, People Think It’s Art

May 31, 2016 in Art, artist, Fun, Sculpture

Sometimes you see an artwork and think to yourself “how is that art?” But what actually makes art… art? Is it the technique? The idea behind it? Or maybe just the location? Whatever your idea of art is, it probably isn’t this: the other day, a couple of pranksters known on Twitter [email protected]@k_vinnn were getting a bit bored in the […]

Artist Carves a Miniature Train Into a Pencil

January 22, 2016 in Art, artist, Carving, Sculpture

We admit it: we love miniatures! However when we recently came across this amazing miniature train carved into a carpenter’s pencil by Cindy Chinn, we were blown away. Here’s what Cindy told Bored Panda about here work: I’ve been seeing carved pencils online for the past few years and REALLY wanted to try my hand […]

A Dinosaur Egg Candle Hatches Into a Baby Raptor When it Melts

December 23, 2015 in Animals, Craft, Design, Sculpture

If you’re like us, your first ‘encounter’ with a Raptor was in Stephen Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, with the critters terrorizing the park with their intelligence, speed and thirst to kill anything and everything in their path. Fortunately for us (and unfortunately for the dinosaurs), a Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event occurred which effectively wiped all dinosaurs off the […]

An Enchanted Forrest of Light Created by an Amazing Chandelier

December 14, 2015 in Architecture, Art, artist, Design, Sculpture

Imagine an enchanted forest, with swaying branches and the howls of the animals around you on a moonlit night. That’s the effect of the incredible Forms of Nature  chandelier, created by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz. When you turn it on, a tangled roots and branches casts 360 degree shadows transforming your entire room to look like an enchanted forest. […]

Nature Contained in Resin Makes For Some Spectacular Handcrafted Jewelry

December 3, 2015 in Art, artist, Design, Jewellery, Sculpture

Nothing can stop you in your tracks as promptly as an amazing piece of jewelry.  If it is hand made, even better.  This happened to us when we came across the original creations by Sarah Smith who designs jewelry that allows anyone to carry a bit of nature with them at all times. Sarah produces each piece […]


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