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Sean Yoro Paints Meticulous Seaside Murals While Balancing on His Paddle Board

May 29, 2015 in Art, artist, Graffiti, Street art

Riding atop a paddle board, artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula), paints murals while floating on the waves, placing his works just above sea level. The murals, all portraits of women, have a hyperrealistic quality that appear as if each is existing just above the tide. Due to the works’ position above the water they reflect perfectly into […]


Artist Collects 50,000 Keys Across the Globe for An Exhibition About Memories

May 28, 2015 in Art, artist, People, Sculpture

Within the 2015 Venice Art Biennale’s Japan Pavilion, artist Chiharu Shiota has amazed visitors with an extraordinarily immersive presentation. Using two boats, vibrant red yarn, a net of interlaced metal, and more than 50,000 unique used keys, Shiota created “The Key in the Hand,” an exhibition meant to inspire viewers to think about the importance of memories and the unknown. […]


Hush Shows Us What East Meets West Looks Like, Street Art Style

May 27, 2015 in Art, artist, Body Art, Painting, People

When we last saw Hush, he generously donated a work which artFido cut out of the gallery wall and raised $13,500 for Challenge, an organisation which assists kids with cancer and their families (see HERE). There was such strong bidding on this charity piece – not just because it was raising money for a great cause - but also […]


Amazing Artwork Created Using 24km of Thread Wrapped Around 13,000 Nails!

May 26, 2015 in Art, artist, Craft, Sculpture

Ukrainian artist Zenyk Palagniuk wrapped 24 km (15 mi) of thread around 13,000 nails to create an amazingly realistic portrait of Justin Timberlake. It took the artist over 200 hours to complete. Palagniuk began by sketching the portrait on a large piece of plywood. He then hammered in all of the nails and wrapped the […]


Lace Patterns Delicately Cut from Industrial Steel Objects by Cal Lane

May 25, 2015 in Art, artist, Sculpture

Cal Lane works in a series of “Industrial Doilies”, producing works that use contradiction to create an empathetic form. Lane imparts highly industrial materials with touches of delicacy, adding filigree to car parts, oil tanks, and shovels with a blowtorch. Her chosen patterns also exist on another level, their compositions inspired by those used in religious […]


Amazing Fairytale Book Covers By Latvian Artist

May 22, 2015 in Art, artist, Craft, Design

If you’re a book nerd and an office stationery nerd like us, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE these elaborate book covers by Latvian designer and artist, Aniko Kolesnikova. Aniko works under the name Mandarin Duck and you can purchase her amazing covers on her Etsy store. What is your favorite book cover? And don’t forget, if […]


Artistically Smart Business Cards That Will Blow Your Socks Off!

May 22, 2015 in Art, artist, Design

First impression can either make or break your business, depending on whether the customer had good or bad experience. A business has to take care of all the little details in order to gain a customer’s trust. However, the following individuals and businesses went one step ahead to impress their customers through the creativity in […]


Intricate Animals Made from Scrap Metal and Old Auto Parts

May 21, 2015 in Animals, Art, artist, Sculpture, steam punk

When Edouard Martinet was 10, one of his teachers introduced his pupils to insects. Subliminally, the fascination sunk in to the young French boy. Fast-forward 40 years, and Martinet has become the art world’s virtuoso insectophile, transforming bits and pieces of cast-off junk culled from flea markets and car boot sales into exquisitely executed insect, fish and animal […]


Perfectionists Unite! Artist Cuts Raw Food Into 98 Cubes

May 21, 2015 in Art, artist, Food Art, Fun

If you’re like us, you like certain things to look ‘just right’.  A bit of OCD mixed with a touch of perfectionism, perhaps? So when we came across Dutch artists Lernert and Sander’s most recent project where they cut raw food into 98 perfect 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm cubes, we were in OCD heaven! The […]


Artist Covers Beautiful Beach Stones in Tiny Dots of Paint

May 21, 2015 in Art, artist, Color, Colour, Craft

Elspeth McLean is an Australian award-winning artist whose passion for colour and detail has evolved into a unique style of painting she describes as “Dotillism”. In what she calls Mandala Stones, McLean collects beautiful beach stones and uses them as her canvas to create intensely colourful and intricate artworks entirely out of dots. Elspeth only uses acrylic […]


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