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The Top Photos in the 2017 Birth Photography Competition (NSFW)

March 2, 2017 in Art, artist, Photography

The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) has just announced the finalists and winners for the 2017 competition, which celebrates “the beauty of birth and the skill of birth photographers”.  The contest is split into three categories: labor, delivery, and postpartum. When we presented you with the 2016 finalists, it was one of our most viewed blogs for 2016. Many […]

Elf Earbuds That Will Turn Your Children Into An Elf

November 23, 2016 in Art, artist, Children, Fashion, Kids, Music

Looking for something totally unique for your elf and fairy loving children this Christmas? Why not get them a pair of elf earphones?! Sold on Taobao for about $14USD, these elf earphones connect via 3.5mm jack and are just like normal earbuds, despite the pointy silicone ears that slide on top of yours when listening to music. […]

The Top Photos in the 2016 Birth Photography Competition (NSFW)

February 12, 2016 in Art, artist, People, Photography

Childbirth: it’s one of life’s great miracles. For the last five years, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) has held a photography contest which celebrates “the beauty of birth and the skill of birth photographers”.  The contest is split into three categories: labor, delivery, and postpartum. The IAPBP just announced the finalists and winners for the 2016 competition, […]

Mother Illustrates Her Everyday Pregnancy Problems

November 16, 2015 in Art, artist, Fun, Illustration

We all know that being an expecting mother isn’t easy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look at it with humor. Line Severinsen of Kos og Kaos (Cuddles and Chaos) comics illustrates what to expect while expecting. Drinking alcohol? Gone! Shaving, picking up stuff, and putting on shoes? Heroic struggles! These and many more adventure await […]

Stunning Photograph of Woman’s C-Section Scar and Her Baby

August 19, 2015 in Art, artist, Body Art, Photography

One of the biggest decisions facing a future mother is the type of birth they choose to have when they bring their new baby into the world… a natural birth or a non natural birth. They both have their pros and cons and ultimately the decision comes down to the mother after expert consultation with their specialist. […]

Photographer’s Babies Neatly Packed Away in Their Camera Bags

August 8, 2015 in Art, artist, Kids, Photography

Photographers need to take quite a bit of gear with them when they go out on assignment, and you’ve probably seen the photos of their immaculately packaged camera gear before. However some photographers thought that they’d also try to package their most precious possessions… they’re newborn babies… for a spectacular photo series! We’re not sure […]

Photo Series Highlights the Beauty of Breastfeeding in Public

June 10, 2015 in Art, artist, People, Photography

It’s been a hotly-debated topic for many years: breast feeding in public.  Some argue that breast feeding is perfectly natural and there should be no issue with breastfeeding in public.  Others argue that it should only be done in private. In response to the debate, photographer Ivette Ivens just released a series of highly stylized […]

Newborns Who Are Following In Their Parents’ Nerdy Footsteps

May 15, 2015 in Art, artist, Fun, Kids, Photography

We can all pretend that a newborn’s first photoshoot is supposed to be all about the baby, or we can give in to our secret desire to dress babies as characters from our favorite fantasy and sci-fi movies, books and TV shows. It’s hard to tell who’s having more fun with these pop-culture newborn baby […]

Adorable Photos of Newborn Taken by Dad Without Photoshop

April 30, 2015 in Art, artist, Kids, People

Polish parents Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer are both photographers. So, when it came to newborn photos of their daughter Emilia, they decided to get creative. They captured these whimsical images featuring Zawer and his little girl, and it appears as though she’s magically floating in mid-air. This isn’t the work of photo manipulation, either. […]

Say Goodaye to Brolga, the “Surrogate Mom” to Orphaned Baby Kangaroos

March 17, 2015 in Animals, Art, artist, Wildlife

Say goodaye to Chris Barnes, a local Australian hero who has devoted his life to rescuing orphaned baby kangaroos in central Australia. The caretaker, who is nicknamed “Brolga” after the Aboriginal word for the mighty Australian crane, acts as a “surrogate mom” to nearly 30 kangaroos, including little joeys whose mothers were struck and killed by vehicles. For […]


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