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Statue of a Girl Stares Down the Famous ‘Charging Bull’ on Wall St

March 18, 2017 in Art, artist, Sculpture

Earlier this week, a small bronze statue of a girl, designed by artist Kristen Visbel, appeared overnight in the path of the bull statue. The young girl stares down the famous Wall Street charging bull in an act of defiance. It’s intended to highlight the gender disparity of senior level roles at US financial firms; 85 […]

The Most Famous Cat in Istanbul Is Honored With His Own Statue

October 6, 2016 in Animals, Art, Sculpture

You might remember the various memes that hit the interwebs a little while ago when someone snapped a photograph of Tombili chilling on the steps of a street in Istanbul. It didn’t take long for Tombili to become an internet legend, so it was fitting that when he passed away in August, he was honored in the real […]

Artist Carves a Family Of Elephants Into a Pencil

July 14, 2016 in Animals, Art, Carving, Sculpture

When we last saw Cindy Chinn, she carved a train into a pencil that went completely viral all over the interwebs (see HERE). Here latest and most elaborate creation is the Elephant Walk, commissioned by the Epiphany Elephant Museum. According to Cindy, the design started out simple, an Elephant with a foil stamped logo. Then she got […]

Realistic Goldfish Painted Using Layers of Watercolor and Resin

November 24, 2015 in Animals, Art, artist, Sculpture, Video

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori never ceases to amaze us with what he can do with layers of resin and watercolor paint. He returns to Joshua Liner Gallery this week for his second solo show, Goldfish Salvation. Since we last featured Riusuke, he has become internationally known for his depiction of aquatic life painted with acrylic within layers of resin, most frequently the […]

Artist Folds a New Paper Crane to Describe Each Day of the Year

November 19, 2015 in Animals, Art, artist, Carving, Design

Some people like to have a coffee everyday. Some people like to go for a run everyday.  Well artist Cristian Mariancius is a little different.  Following a bit of a quarter life crisis in 2014, he decided to create an origami paper crane every day as a unique personal journal. According to Cristian, “As a […]

You’re Just Another Brick in the Wall with Brad Spencer!

November 17, 2015 in Art, artist, People

We recently came across the creative brick works of artist Brad Spencer and haven’t been able to get that Pink Floyd song out of our head ever since! Brad works with bricks to produce eye-catching, figurative sculptures. Each piece of work in the sculptor’s growing collection is an intriguing look at a common medium used […]

It’s a Halloween Donald Trumpkin!

October 30, 2015 in Art, artist, Carving, Sculpture

Jeanette Paras of Dublin, Ohio, is known locally for her elaborate Halloween pumpkin decorations. In 2013, she used paint, wigs, felt, and a sprig of holly to create a Christmas-themed tableau starring Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and singer Miley Cyrus. In 2012, a 334-pound squash became “Naughty Prince Harry.” But little has prepared Ohio—nay, the world— for this year’s hyper-topical […]

Amazing Wire Animal Sculptures that Look Like Scribbled Drawings!

October 16, 2015 in Animals, Art, artist, Sculpture

You might need to look at these amazing works by artist David Oliveira a few times before you realize that in fact they’re not scribbled drawings, but works with wire meticulously used in an unconventional way by cutting and twisting the material into sculptures that could be mistaken for scribbled sketches. Viewed from one angle, the pieces […]

An Epic 16th-Century Sculpture In Italy Has Rooms Hidden Inside

October 14, 2015 in Art, artist, Carving, Sculpture

If you have visited the Villa di Pratolino in Tuscany, Italy, you definitely would have stopped by to gaze at the wonder that is Appennino.  This epic colossus, half man, half mountain, was erected in the late 1500s by renowned Italian sculptor Giambologna as a symbol of Italy’s rugged Appenine mountains. This mountain god stands 35 feet […]

Stunning Lamps Crafted from Calabash Display Dazzling Rays of Light

October 12, 2015 in Art, artist, Carving, Sculpture

“What is calabash” we hear you say! Well calabash is a vine grown variety of melon that Polish artist Przemek Krawczyński has managed to transformed into spectacularly handcrafted, intricately carved lamps that illuminate their surroundings with brilliant displays of light. According to Przemek, “By day, my lamp is a unique sculpture, while at night, the light breathes new life […]


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