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Item number: 2736495555


Artist: Hush

Artwork title: Russian Babushka Doll



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This one-of-a-kind piece was literally cut from the walls of Metro Gallery at the conclusion of Hush's recent sold-out 'Sirens' exhibition and would be an amazing feature piece in any home, studio or office. Generously donated by the artist himself, and with NO RESERVE, 100% OF PROCEEDS WILL GO TO CHALLENGE.

Challenge brings colour and relief to the lives of children and families living with cancer as they face the pressures of a life-threatening illness. With an emphasis on ‚??fun‚??, Challenge provides a range of practical services and therapies and a program of tailored experiences that remind them how good life can be.

For more information on the amazing work Challenge does day after day, please see www.challenge.org.au

The artwork:

Russian Babushka doll
Acrylic, spray paint, screen inks and screen print on MDF board removed from gallery wall
240cm x 120cm x 1.2cm

Freight: please note the very large size of this work ‚?? we recommend that bidders contact Metro Gallery on +61 3 9500 8511 to obtain a freight quote before bidding. Alternatively, this work can be collected from Metro Gallery following receipt of payment.

Works approximately 1/3 the size of this painting sold at Metro Gallery during the Hush ‚?? Sirens exhibition for $15,000. Please note that all proceeds from the sale of this work will go to ‚??Challenge ‚?? Supporting Kids with cancer‚?Ě.

Extract from an essay by Flora Southey, Metro Gallery:

Having extensively explored Europe, Asia and America, it is not surprising that travel and the exploration of culture are at the centre of UK-based artist Hush‚??s artistic philosophy. An amalgamation of international influences present themselves on his canvases, and Japanese geishas and Russian Babushka dolls feature heavily in this latest series, ‚??Sirens‚??: the artist‚??s first solo exhibition in Australia. The artist‚??s multinational approach to street art is connected to a new wave of street artists splattering the world over with trademark designs and identifiable subject matter.

Street art‚??s transformation from wall bound statements to gallery works on canvas ‚?? or in this example, on the gallery wall ‚?? appears to have followed a similar transformative course.

For Hush, graffitied streets are an ever-evolving piece of art. Artworks are tagged and painted over, a layering effect that the artist has emulated in the backgrounds of his works on canvas. By reinterpreting the ever-changing colours and degradation of city walls in his backgrounds, the artist aligns his work with the streets, resulting in a rare form of street art imbued with permanence.


This work was produced as a mural painting on the gallery wall as part of the sold-out exhibition entitled Hush ‚?? Sirens, shown at Metro Gallery between May 21 and June 19, 2012. Hush originally intended for this work to be destroyed upon the conclusion of the exhibition, but following discussions with the Metro Gallery and artFido, Hush agreed for it to be auctioned on artFido with all proceeds raised going to "Challenge ‚?? supporting kids with cancer".

This work is available for viewing between Friday 29 June to Sunday 22 July by appointment at Metro Gallery, 1214 High Street, Armadale, VIC 3143. For more information, see www.metrogallery.com.au

Questions & Answers

    • Question:
    • thierryziegler

      hello, how much would it cost to ship it to France? regards thierry
      Saturday 21st July 2012 8:43pm
      • artfido

        Hi Thierry. Thanks for your email. As this is quite large (240cm x 120cm) and is affixed to MDF board removed from the gallery wall, shipping to France from Australia will be rather expensive. We could have the artwork professionally removed from the MDF board using a paper conservator, and send it to you rolled in a mailing tube which will reduce this cost. Is this something you would consider?
        Saturday 21st July 2012 10:16pm

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