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Item number: 2736495586


Artist: Walsh, Peter

Artwork title: Asmat Drawing III 1993



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This is an amazing opportunity to own a unique piece of art by one of Australia's most talented artists, whilst at the same time doing a great deed for children in need. Generously donated by Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, this striking piece has NO RESERVE, WITH 100% OF PROCEEDS GOING TO CHALLENGE.

Challenge brings colour and relief to the lives of children and families living with cancer as they face the pressures of a life-threatening illness. With an emphasis on ‚??fun‚??, Challenge provides a range of practical services and therapies and a program of tailored experiences that remind them how good life can be.

For more information on the amazing work Challenge does day after day, please see www.challenge.org.au

The artwork:

Peter Walsh (1958 ‚?? 2009)
Asmat Drawing III 1993
Charcoal and pencil on paper
76cm x 57cm
Signed lower centre: PW 93

Freight: we recommend that bidders contact Lauraine Diggins Fine Art on +61 3 9509 9855 to obtain a freight quote before bidding. Alternatively, this work can be collected from Lauraine Diggins Fine Art following receipt of payment.

Extract from Lauraine Diggins Fine Art:

If there is one term that is unavoidable with Peter Walsh it is that of sensualist. Whether it be a glass of wine or a beautiful form ‚?? from a naked figure to a mountain range ‚?? Walsh finds a sensual pleasure that is rare amongst the population at large. Walsh‚??s drawings combine a uniquely Dionysiun sensuality with a childhood spent watching animated cartoons on television. Bizarre shapes abound: Hannah Barbara meets Hieronymous Bosch and Renee Magritte in imagery that is simultaneously surreal and sexual. While Peter Walsh‚??s work is to some extent inspired by the tradition of European Surrealism, the artist, like such precursors as Albert Tucker and Sidney Nolan, has also found inspiration in the Australian landscape. In many of his landscape works floating heads hover above a Fred Williams-style landscape in a moment of epiphany. These works follow a journey to the far north of Australia where the artist experienced his own sense of awe at the immensity of the land. While obviously often sexual in content, Walsh‚??s drawings also infer the philosophical position of yin and yang, the spiritual explorations of the alchemists, the dark side of Caspar the Ghost. The images of people, animals and the floating clouds coming down to land are an exploration of the unconscious; an exploration of dreams and an attempt to grapple with the unknown; a luminous image brought back from the nocturnal, somnabulistic side of reality. Walsh is a rarity in contemporary art; in a time still obsessed with abstraction and theory, Walsh is a figurative artist obsessed with the human form. But unlike his contemporary, the Archibald Prize-winner Lewis Miller, Walsh is not so much concerned with the minutiae of the human form as its essence, the obsessions that glue humanity together: sexuality, greed, passion and love. Extract from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: An Essay by Ashley Crawford, 2001.


This work has been kindly donated by Lauraine Diggins Fine Art. All proceeds raised from the sale of this work will go to ‚??Challenge ‚?? supporting kids with cancer‚?Ě.

This work is available for viewing between Friday 29 June to Sunday 22 July by appointment at Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, 5 Malakoff Street, Caulfield North VIC 3161. For more information, see www.diggins.com.au.

Questions & Answers

    • Question:
    • carjam

      Could you please advise what the freight cost to Brisbane is likely to be please
      Saturday 21st July 2012 10:53am
      • artfido

        Hi carjam. The courier is closed over the weekend so I can't confirm for you 100% but it should be around $50 to Brisbane. Good luck!
        Saturday 21st July 2012 2:25pm

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