Here’s the Truth Behind Those Instagram Photos


The team at @artFido spend a lot of time scouring Instagram looking for undiscovered artists to feature to our millions of followers. It often takes us a lot of time, but we love introducing up-and-coming artists to a wider audience and sometimes we stumble across a little ditty that just makes us smile.

One such ditty was the feed of Thai photographer Compoo Baritone who shows us how reality can easily be faked on Instagram. She posted some dreamy Instagram pictures, then posted the images incorporated into their uncropped originals. A creative workplace is revealed to be only a small part of a messy room, and lonely bike rides on a deserted paths suddenly have a lot more people on them.

instagram-picture-cropping-truth-slowlife-chompoo-baritone-thailand-1 instagram-picture-cropping-truth-slowlife-chompoo-baritone-thailand-5 instagram-picture-cropping-truth-slowlife-chompoo-baritone-thailand-6 instagram-picture-cropping-truth-slowlife-chompoo-baritone-thailand-7

instagram-picture-cropping-truth-slowlife-chompoo-baritone-thailand-8 instagram-picture-cropping-truth-slowlife-chompoo-baritone-thailand-9 instagram-picture-cropping-truth-slowlife-chompoo-baritone-thailand-10

(via deMilked)

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