In A Little Story There Is A Great Artist.

But why be showing it?

It is not by art but by the dream of being able to change.

Accept a challenge, believe and face the world.

Adding something in life does well and increases self-esteem.

I looked for something to do that interested me and found a course of goldsmiths and I did it for a month. Patience and detail are key to making a jewel and creativity makes jewelry an art.

I a competitive and creative world to stand out was my challenge, but I did not know what to do.

I had a little touch of intuition, was foleando a magazine that in the footer of the cover had a delicate Brazilian flag, seeing that caught my attention.

I’m going to make small screens and use my jewelry tools and create micro screens, I used a magnifying glass, a saw, a drill bit, a file to finish the frames and a needle to paint the little screens, I used an aluminum plate that I found on the floor of the workshop and I used the paints of my nephew, I started the first screen with 10 millimeters. It was amazing and I ended up enjoying it, I went downhill to know my limit, and I reached 0.7 tenths of a millimeter, I found it so challenging that I contacted Rank Brazil.

They gave me the opportunity to register as the smallest flag in Brazil. Who knows in the future I can register in Guinness.

This is a little story of a mechanic coloring his life.

I hope you enjoy it and I will be at your disposal for more information.

Thank you for your attention, Brazil.

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