Istanbul’s Famous Street Cat Is Immortalized With His Own Bronze Statue

A cherished neighborhood cat, made famous for his particular at-ease style of lounging about, has been bestowed one of the highest honors a lazy but loved feline can receive – having his memory and likeness preserved forever in a statue erected at his favorite spot. 

Tombili, as he was called, was a well-known figure along the streets of Istanbul where he lived. It's unclear if he had a dedicated home of his own, but the cat's chubby frame and sweet demeanor suggest there were plenty of folks around who made sure he wasn't lacking food or affection. 

The cool cat's popularity soon made him famous beyond the borders of his native Turkey. Tombili eventually rose to worldwide stardom after the image above was shared online, and later across social media sites. His laid-back pose made him the embodiment of a casual kitty. 

As other photos snapped by passersby show, that was kind of Tombili's thing.


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