When the young boy’s mother learned of Duran’s generosity, she called her up and offered to pay her back for everything, but Duran couldn’t accept it. “I don’t think I did anything special,” Duran said in a live Facebook video. “I just think I did what a human being is supposed to do.”

The kindness and compassion doesn’t stop there. The efforts made by Duran, who is also the coach of the local school’s girls volleyball team, didn’t go unnoticed by her players. Her team raised $400 to give to Coach Duran to cover the cost of all the extra lunches she had made out of her own pocket. But Duran refused to keep the cash, and instead, donated it to the cafeteria at her son’s school. The money was enough to pay back the past due accounts of all students who buy school lunch. “Now everyone can eat,” Duran said, proud that it all started with her 11-year-old son’s close observation of someone other than himself—someone he knew could use a helping hand and a PB&J made with lots of love.

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