In addition, Dr. McDonald said that food allergies were the most serious health risk she saw as a result of mislabeling, “Many people are allergic to shellfish or some other kind of fish, and will avoid these when eating out at a restaurant or buying food at a grocery store. If the fish that they’re being served (or any food, really!) is not what the label claims it is, they could become very sick or even die. Same with “fillers” added to products. Sometimes gluten is added to things like imitation crab to give it a better texture. If this is not declared on the menu or label and you’re allergic to gluten? This could be a big disaster for you! There are also cultural points to consider as well: some people from certain cultures or religions don’t eat certain foods. They may be inadvertently eating something they shouldn’t be, if that product is not declared on the label or is misidentified in their meal.”

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