The biggest takeaway from this sushi lab? Consumers sure are easy to fool, “We had some suspicions based on colour and texture of fish pieces that what we were being served wasn’t what it claimed to be but none of us were positive. Once we got the results, I don’t think anyone was overly surprised. Disappointed, sure! It also helped make a few things make more sense, too. Many students complain that after having sushi sometimes they feel very ill, while sometimes they feel fine after having essentially the same meal. Most pass it off as food poisoning from E. coli or Salmonella, but almost all of them realized it may actually be due to escolar being served to them as “white tuna”. Not everyone reacts the same way, but if you are especially sensitive to wax esters you may have a severe reaction to consumption of that fish (dubbed the “laxative of the sea”).”

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