Since opening in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge has been a symbol of American engineering. The suspension bridge runs about 1.7 miles and is set in place by two main cables with wire ropes running vertically. Over the years, scraps were sold off and in 2006, Strands of History bought the remaining inventory of these precious materials. The company sells pieces of the cables as mementos, but is now looking at functional designs that can feature the beauty of the ropes. Transforming suspender ropes into weight bearing table legs was no easy feat, and the company worked with Bushey Ironworks to create steel bases that compress and stabilize the cables while highlighting their helix form.

The use of walnut was also a deliberate choice. “Andy Cline of Roundwood Furnituresuggested using Claro-walnut for the top for its inherent beauty as the grain flows like the wire ropes,” shares Bob and Mary Zimmerman, owners of Strands of History. “The fact that the ropes and the walnut are about the same age (over 80 years old) just adds to the appeal of the table.”

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