Due to the strength of the ropes, working them into a design is no easy feat. The strands have a high carbon content that makes them difficult to cut, but that’s not the only issue. “Each wire and bundle has torsional energy that makes them want to unwind—sometimes forcefully,” the Zimmermans tell My Modern Met. “We crimp a stainless-steel band to the ropes with 7,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure to maintain their form and shape prior to cutting or forge welding them.”

The results of this collaboration were well worth the effort, as the table has garnered high praise, making it a successful foray into the design world. In addition to crafting more tables, Strands of History is also working on accent tables and is looking for ways to incorporate the ropes into architectural features like stairway balusters, shelving supports, room dividers, bar rails and foot rails, and as corbels for fireplace mantles.

It’s their hope that they can continue to bring pieces of American history to the public in a way that allows a wider audience to appreciate their design and engineering.

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