If this kind of bribery and blatant cheating happens in schools it begs the question: where else is corruption occurring? Who knows what dirty secrets are hiding in the worlds of politics, high finance and the weapons industry, for example?

Writer Jaimie Leigh has done us all a service recently, by penning an eye-opening piece that further exposes the festering injustice that runs deep through American society. The post, which has already been shared over 30k times, details her experience working for wealthy clients, writing papers and doctoring resumes to ensure that lazy, entitled rich kids get the right ‘personal brand’ for Ivy league universities. Because once you have the right credentials, parentage and connections, your actual talents and work ethic cease to matter. You’ve made it and you can tell everybody that you are ‘self-made,’ while bright and hard-working people from less privileged backgrounds find the doors locked shut.

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