‘D-Day’ (4/30)


The photo, taken by the legendary LIFE photographer Robert Capa, captured the hellish events of 6 June, 1944 - on this day the Allies invaded Normandy, marking it as the largest seaborne invasion in history. The main subject of the photo is Private First Class Huston Riley, a 22-year-old soldier, who was struck several times by bullets. The photographer together with a sergeant, helped Huston, who later recalled thinking: “What the hell is this guy doing here? I can’t believe it. Here’s a cameraman on the shore.” Robert, the photographer, spent about an hour and a half under fire as men around him died. Only a few of the frames from the film remained, they were all grainy and blurry. However, the shaky and unstable photographs brought a jarred and disturbing feeling to the viewer, helping to transcend the infernal moment of World War II.

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