Here We Are Again. Putting To Bed False Perceptions On Fat Loss (2/30)


Here we are again. Putting to bed false perceptions on fat loss. The idea that food type defines whether fat loss occurs or not... Describing misplaced concepts about quality ingredients as a means to manage or change body composition.. Consumption of nutrients and quality ingredients is vital for optimal health and there is no doubt that the two juices on the left contain an abundance of nutrients. But they also contain calories and sugar - 1100 of total calories deriving from sugar to be exact. 1350 calories and 275g of sugar in total. I did plan to do this graphic with the zero sugar versions of the soft drinks on the right, but this actually displays my point better. Whilst the drinks on the right are bereft of any nutritional value, seven of the cans combine to 411 calories and 99g of sugar. That’s less than 1/3 of the calories of the ‘superfood’, ‘invigorating’ drinks on the left. In addition, nearly 1/3 of their sugar content. - - If the goal is to alter body composition, every decision you make is important - everything you do means something. This doesn’t mean that you need to worry or be confused as to what you need to do or consume to achieve your goal. It means you need to be objective. You need to understand the basic fundamentals of energy balance and apply that theory to your goal. Consuming 1350 calories from the juices on the left may fit your goal. However, I suspect that consuming such a proportion of calories from a drink each week will not necessarily support your goal as well as consuming water and actual fruit, complete with fibre to help with satiety. Health and fitness is all encompassing. Many parts of it overlap. But don’t get confused with nutrient intake and calorie intake - whilst they are both important, they represent very different things. Ideally you want to be smart and get the best of both facets.

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