“In the Name of Love” (7/11)


How do you organize yourself for travel?

Preparations take some time, as you need to be very well organized and to be able to cover all your bases. The most important thing when you travel to such remote areas where a lot of the tribes are armed is to have the right person/guide.

I’m very lucky, as I will be going for the third time next week, that I have a guide that I trust to arrange a police escort for me until I arrive at the tribal areas and then to have armed guards with me for safety reason. It is never an easy trip; however, I love it. Carrying cameras and equipment is extremely physically demanding and you always need to be prepared and to carry extra equipment, food, medications. You operate from the point of  “in case something happens, I need to have that.” We carry absolutely everything with us; from water to cooking equipment—you name it we have it.

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