Nhs. It’s An Institution That Saves Lives, Prevents Disease And Improves The Health Of Millions Of People (8/30)


I like the NHS. It’s an institution that saves lives, prevents disease and improves the health of millions of people. But sadly, when it comes to nutrition, the 30% overweight/obese rate suggests that their message is both dated and mixed up. Mixed up in the sense that whilst they advocate consumption of nutrients via fruit & veg as a way to optimise function (which it is), they fatefully intertwine this concept with that of weight control. This is exemplified by the fact that ‘10 a day’ is the only statement which we all universally recall as an NHS nutritional directive. Nutrients and calories are two separate entities which, if nurtured properly, should amalgamate to form a healthy individual rich in energy, function, immunity and ideal body composition. However, whilst nutrients help us function and fight disease, calories control weight. Whilst swapping calorie dense, processed food may accidentally control the weight of an individual, one has to realise WHY that happened. Rather than inflicting instantaneous demands regarding our consumption of some foods over others, it’s time we were educated better.

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