People are sharing pics of the thrones they found (9/20)


“For seven seasons you’ve watched characters lie, bleed, and sacrifice for the Iron Throne,” HBO writes about the challenge. “As the final season approaches, only one question remains: How far will you go?”

Swedish photographer Jonathan Vitblom, from Kiruna in Northern Sweden went very far to find one of the thrones in the Swedish wilderness. “I saw the videos on YouTube that they had put out thrones in the wild and I was extremely familiar with the surroundings of the throne placed in the North,” Jonathan said. “But I couldn’t really believe it was up here until I saw the first person who found it uploaded a picture of it, and then I was 99% sure that I knew exactly where it was.”

“So we packed our equipment, outfits that are appropriate for winter in the north of Sweden and then we jumped into the car and had a 1-hour car drive till we reached the location. When we got up there, I wanted to make sure that the throne really was there so I took my drone and flew up to the plateau that I thought it was located at. I spotted it almost right away because you could tell that a big throne doesn’t belong up there on the mountainside!”

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