“Tribal Theory” (3/11)


Where do you think your love of different cultures comes from?

I often ask myself that question and answering it is never easy, as it is so multidimensional and influenced by different experiences in life. We must start with the roots and with me the knowledge of my origins, culture, and traditions are the roots and beginning of that love. I was born and raised in Macedonia, a country with a very strong cultural and traditional upbringing and that has been so deeply embedded in my mind from a very young age.

When I was 21, I immigrated to Australia, which is a very multicultural country, and I guess there I started branching out and getting familiar with many different cultures. Then I started thinking about what I can leave behind me once I’m gone, something beyond the materialistic things for the generations that are to come. I want to leave a footprint and for them to be able to see what maybe they will not be able to see in the future; the beauty of the tribal world and diversity. Those are shrinking communities and the chances for them not to exist in a few decades from now are very high.

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