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    This home in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego, was most likely built in the 1920s, as were most of the homes in this neighborhood. This Cape Cod California Craftsman home has been slowly deteriorating through neglect for the past few decades. Recently, the drug dealer who lived and operated out of the home was evicted when police staged a raid with flash bang grenades and multiple arrests. I took the photo for this painting shortly after the raid. I was struck by how beautiful the light and shadows looked on the home despite the boarded up windows and peeling paint. Currently the home is being renovated. It is now turquoise with white trim, with work being done to reverse the damage of years of deferred maintenance. The painting comes with a handmade wood frame of stained poplar wood. #artFidoNAAS

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    This painting was shown in a solo show for the artist 'Vanishing Point' in the Cannery Galleries located in San Francisco, Ca in June 2015.

    Listing Number: 2737027577

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    30 (height)
    40 (width)
    2.5 (depth)
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    31.5 (height)
    41.5 (width)
    2.5 (depth)


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Yellow House

Yellow House
Newman, Jessica

For Sale by Artist

San Diego, United States

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