The masterpieces of art photoshopped by Mehmet Geren

It is a surreal world which is created by Mehmet Geren with his digital collages, combining classical art with contemporary pop culture.

On Mehmet Geren‘s Instagram profile a puddle reflects a painting by Van Gogh, the girl with a pearl earring replaces Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, and so forth.

Mehmet was born in Ankara, Turkey and works in the field of advertising and fashion, dealing with post-production and graphics.

However, it is what he does in his free time that fascinates the more than 60,000 followers on Instagram. Mehmet uses the technique of digital collage photoshopping some of the most famous paintings and masterpieces of art. In his photos, he combines ancient elements with the protagonists of films and objects or characters of contemporary pop culture.

The real difficulty is to mix the various visual elements in a single composition that is then credible in the eyes of the viewer.

Let yourself be transported into Mehmet’s surreal world by following his profile.


Are you sure ?

Happy 420

Kill Bill with a Pearl Earring Girl

Modern Slavery.

Last night...

No music, no life...

Monday morning

Van Gogh with Leon


Mathilda with Edward Hopper (Morning Sun)

When art meets real life

Art Club

Stop thinking, start drinking.

Motivation not found...

Wasted weekends

In today's world

People Nowadays

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