This Bulldog Is So Photogenic He Got Stopped on The Street to Model For A Local Police Dog Calendar

As far as dogs go,  Mister Bentley, a 6-year-old, English Bulldog from Vancouver, is a pretty good looker. Hell, he’s a top dog amongst all dogs.

So much so that one day when Mister Bentley and his hooman were out for a walk, Mister Bentley was invited to make his model debut in the annual Vancouver Police Dogs Calendar.

“A few months ago, a member of the Vancouver Police Department was petting my dog and I told him my dog had a pretty large Instagram account,” said Mister Bentley’s hooman. “He asked if I wanted to put my dog on his police bike and take a picture. He even put his helmet on Bentley.”

In an impromptu photoshoot, Bentley was captured proudly perched on the huge police bike, wearing the oversized helmet. The hilarious scene grabbed the attention of local radio producer, Alan Regan, who was getting his hair cut in a nearby salon. Regan shared an image of Bentley on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Photographer Adam and Kev Photography took a number of other photos which now form the 2019 VPD K9 Calendar. You can buy the calendar on the Vancouver Police Department website and see more adorable images of Bentley on Instagram.

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