Cliff House Has an Amazingly Terrifying View

July 7, 2015 in Architecture, Art, artist, Design

Greece’s economy may be going through some issues at the moment, but that hasn’t dulled the creativity of Greek architects Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos from Opa Works who have up with an amazingly terrifying cliff house. The concept design is called “Casa Brutale”, and it is designed to mesh well with nature. The building is completely […]


Spine Chilling Animal Drawings by Paul Jackson

July 7, 2015 in Art, artist, Drawing

We shared Paul Jackson on our Instagram page some time ago because there was something different about his amazing drawings. Something dark and immediately alluring.  It’s hard to put your finger on it, but they sure are spectacular. What do you think? (h/t demilked) And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a piece of original art to […]


93-Year-Old Grandma Shares 30 Years of Embroidered Temari Balls

July 6, 2015 in Art, artist, Craft

Back in 2009, NanaAkua uploaded an incredible 468-picture gallery on Flickr that featured the amazing embroidery work of her then 88-year-old grandmother over a span of 30 years. Her grandmother practices a folk art form known as Temari. Meaning ‘hand ball’ in Japanese, the art form was introduced to Japan by China around the 7th century A.D. Traditionally, Temari […]


New Suspended Treehouse Tents and Hammocks Designed by Tentsile

July 3, 2015 in Art, Design

You might remember a little while ago that we showed you these amazing Tensile tents that hang suspended high in the trees. Well they’re back with several new models such as a small hammock for three that can be layered into a multi-tiered treehouse, a 2-layer tree tent, and a massive communal tent system designed to hold 6 people high in the air. […]


Comic Strip Brilliantly Explains the Difference Between Rape And Consent

July 3, 2015 in Art, artist

In 2013, Zerlina Maxwell ignited a firestorm of controversy when she strongly recommended we stop telling women how to not get raped. Here are her words, from the transcript of her appearance on Sean Hannity’s show: “I don’t think that we should be telling women anything. I think we should be telling men not to rape […]


Amazing Psychedelic Sculptures That Will Blow You Away!

July 3, 2015 in Art, Color, Colour, Installation, Sculpture

The remarkable sculptures before you are the work of Jen Stark, a visionary artist inspired by the intricate aspects of nature, replication, and infinity. She produces her astonishing creations through a variety of outlets such as paint, animation, metal, wood, plexi, and most notably, paper.Jen received her BFA in fibers and a minor in animation at […]


Teeny Tiny Miniature Hand Thrown Pottery by Jon Almeda!

July 2, 2015 in Art, artist, Carving, Sculpture

A few days ago, we were scanning through the artFido instagram feed when we came across a video of Jon Almeda throwing a teeny-tiny clay pot as the sun set in the background.  We featured this work on our instagram page, and before you knew it, Jon’s amazing works were being thrown about all over the […]


Street Artist and City Worker Have Year Long Exchange on a Red Wall in London

July 2, 2015 in Art, artist, Graffiti, Painting, Street art

Street artist Mobstr recently shared a photo story that took place over the course of a year. The artist explains: “I cycled past this wall on the way to work for years. I noticed that graffiti painted within the red area was ‘buffed’ with red paint. However, graffiti outside of the red area would be removed via pressure […]


Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village Being Swallowed By Nature

July 1, 2015 in Art, artist, Nature, People, Wildlife

Shengsi, an archipelago of almost 400 islands at the mouth of China’s Yangtze river, holds a secret shrouded in time – an abandoned fishing village being reclaimed by nature. These photos by Jane Qing, a creative photographer based in Shanghai, take us into this lost village on the beautiful archipelago. And don’t forget, if you’re […]


Long-Exposure Photos of a New Zealand Cave Illuminated by Glowing Worms

June 30, 2015 in Art, artist, Nature, Photography

The twinkling lights dotting the ceiling of this dazzling cave system are the work of arachnocampa luminosa, a bioluminescent gnat larva (also called a glowworm) found throughout the island nation of New Zealand. It is believed that the light, emitted mostly from females, is how the insects find mates. These long-exposure photos by local photographer Joseph Michael capture […]


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