Surfing at Night With Illuminated Waves at Wavegarden

August 1, 2015 in Art, artist, Design, Film, Video

Wavegarden, pioneers in man-made wave technology, recently conducted a series of tests at their headquarters in Northern Spain in order to check how its technology can improve different aspects of the surfing experience. The first of such tests focused on surfing at nighttime, using a state-of-the-art lighting system and featuring the talents of former European […]


The Yellowstone Milky Way is A Sight to See!

July 30, 2015 in Art, artist, Nature, Photography

Photographer David Lane recently captured these amazing photos of the Milky Way in Yellowstone park in America. You might notice the vibrant coloration – it’s the effect of the photographer increasing the airglow saturation by 10% instead of decreasing it. There’s some combination involved: one picture can made up from 16 combined shots. David is avid fan […]


3D Printed CLOTHES at Home by Danit Peleg

July 30, 2015 in Art, artist, Fashion

3D printing is all the rage at the moment. It started off simply with chess pieces, then got more sophisticated with bone joints and moving toys, and then fully high tech like milk caps that tell you when milk has gone bad and a real skull, implanted into a baby’s head. “What’s next” you ask? Cars? Rockets? Televisions? […]


Stunning Portraits of Redheads Captured in Their Stunning RedheadedNess!

July 28, 2015 in Art, artist, People, Photography

Photographer Maja Topagic likes redheads.  And it’s clear why. She takes the most spectacular photographs of them. Long hair, freckles, flowers, and more often then not, surrounded by a summer’s bounty of flowers. There’s youth and energy in every picture, the colors are vibrant, and it’s a pleasure to behold. Sometimes images are far more powerful […]


Miniature Creations Painted With Coffee

July 27, 2015 in Art, artist, Food Art, Painting, watercolor, watercolour

@coffeetopia – also know as Ghidaq al-Nizar – began as a latte artist, but has taken his craft to another level by deconstructing frothy brews and utilizing their most basic component - coffee - his medium of choice. Al-Nizar takes the steamy, soothing drink out of the cup and artistically applies it to an equally unconventional canvas - leaves and other […]


“American Beauty” Standards Redefined With Women of All Types

July 24, 2015 in Art, artist, Body Art, Photography

It’s a scene etched in many a movie goers mind – actress Mena Suvari rolling around in a room full of rose petals in Kevin Spacey’s “American Beauty” dream. Photographer Carey Fruth has made her own interpretation of this scene with her “American Beauty” image series.  In it, women of all shapes and sizes  which shows women […]

Marianas flying fox (Pteropus mariannus, Pteropodidae)

Portraits of Pollen-Covered Bats Taken by the World’s Leading Bat Expert

July 23, 2015 in Animals, Art, artist, Photography

If you’ve ever seen an image of a cute bat in a newspaper, magazine or a book, it’s likely that this photo was taken by chief bat biologist Merlin Tuttle. The founder of the Bat Conservation International, Tuttle has spent nearly his entire life working for the conservation of bats, who are often hunted and […]


Artist Matches Everyday Objects With Pantone Swatches

July 22, 2015 in Art, artist, Color, Colour, Fun

For those of you were weren’t aware, Panatone Color Matching is the system which standardizes colors around the world. In a recent color mixy-matchy project, Inka Mathews used the Pantone system to match various random items with their colors. The match-ups are pleasing to the eye, partially because of the tiny objects involved. The other […]


Geometric Sand Castles by Calvin Seibert

July 21, 2015 in Art, artist, Nature, Sculpture

Is it freezing cold or boiling hot where you are at the moment?  Never mind, as artist Calvin Seibert is about to heat you up with his incredible sand sculptures! This very talented artist has mastered the sand-sculpting game, both in construction and conception. The incredibly complex, geometric structures he creates often resemble miniaturized estates, featuring steep […]


Animal Skeletons Crocheted From String!

July 21, 2015 in Animals, Art, artist, Design

In one of the more unusually beautiful artistic pursuits we’ve seen recently, artist Caitlin T. McCormack crochets animal skeletons from yarn and then solidifies them with glue. The works are intricate and look extremely fragile, just like old animal bones that have spent time in the ground. Her works come in several forms, from single skulls […]


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