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    Burning Man Sculpture Depicts Your Inner Child

    We’ve probably all heard it before at some stage – whenever we do something wrong/foolish/silly,  it’s our inner child playing up. This concept was beautifully encapsulated at the Burning Man festival in Nevada last week. ‘Love,’ by Ukrainian sculptor Alexander Milov, features two wire-frame adults sitting back to back with their inner children reaching out to each other...
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    This is What the Average Person Looks Like in Each Country

    The website allows you to participate in short online psychology experiments looking at the traits people find attractive in faces and voices.  They just released a fascinating study which aligns many pictures of individuals from every country and created composite images of what the average face would look like. It’s a complicated process that isn’t 100%...
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    Hilarious Dirty Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor

    The guys from Cyanide & Happiness – Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson and Rob DenBleyker – are back again with their hilariously dirty brand of comics that will have you rolling in the aisles. They take the Mickey out of everyone and anything, and as a result have amassed millions of followers on Youtube and Facebook....
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    Prison Tattoos and Their Secret Meanings

    The trend for tattoos is not exactly breaking news. In the last couple of years, tatts have gone from somewhat of a fad to a raging, unstoppable pandemic. Whether you get a tattoo to express your individuality, for artistic expression, or just because Bieber got one, there is no denying its popularity. We recently discovered...
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    Artist Creates INVISIBLE ‘Art’ and Collectors are Paying Millions

    (Above): Art enthusiasts admire Newstrom’s invisible paintings and sculptures at the Schulberg Gallery in New York. 27-year-old artist Lana Newstrom says she is the first artist in the world to create invisible “art.”  In this documentary, CBC Radio traveled to her empty studio to learn more about Lana and her unusual  artistic process. According to Newstrom,...
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    Man Creates The Largest Collection of Tattooed Human Skin In the World

    Fukushi Masaichi (1878-1956) was a Japanese pathologist, and was passionate about Irezumi: Japanese Style Tattoo often associate with Yakuza. He was so passionate about them that he started to document them, and even remove the skin from donated body to preserve them and keep them stretched in a glass case. He would also offer to...
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    Wiki Has Released Over 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns Online For Download

    Like sewing? Well you’ll love this news: the Vintage Patterns Wiki has released more than 83,500 patterns of pre 1992, out of print patterns for all to use. The browsable collection runs the gamut from Dynasty-inspired pussy bow power suits to Betty Draper-esque frocks featuring models in white gloves to an 1895 boys’ Reefer Suit...
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    20 Modern Remakes Of Famous Paintings

    You’re probably familiar with a lot of these famous Western art masterpieces, but probably not like this! It started when partnered with Adobe to create the Remake project, which asked art students to recreate classic paintings into something else using photography. Here’s our favourite 20 of the remakes, including a couple of extras that we found...
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    The Most Brutally Hilarious Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor

    You loved Mr Lovenstein so much when we showed you his work last time (see HERE), that we had to bring you more, more, more! Mr Lovenstein puts a surprising and macabre spin on ordinary perceptions, touching on everything from funny tips to getting out of random situations. The illustrator has been creating art since...
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    Famous Dog Photographers You Should Already Be Following in 2019

    Instagram has always been a great place to find fun and creative photos of dogs, but these artists have taken pet photography to a strange and amazing new heights. From Pit Bulls in Paper Hats to Weimaraners rocking trench coats, dog portraiture comes in a wide variety of creative styles and quality dog art can...
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    UPDATE: according to TEAM ROBBO and confirmed by, Robbo passed away on 31 July 2014 due to health complications. R.I.P.   With Banksy taking over the streets of New York City during October 2013 as part of his “Better Out Than In” residency (follow it all HERE), we thought we’d look at the history of street...