Artist Photographs Foxes In Her Studio And Fell In Love With Their Characters

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    Foxes grow at an incredible rate, faster than puppies so little Jaeger didn’t stay this small for long!

    When he came back for his second shoot I couldn’t believe how fast he had grown and also how different he was.

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    Working with wild animals is always a challenge and none more than introducing them to a foreign, confined space. Even though brought up as pets, these foxes will always retain wild habits and you can only predict, to a certain level, what any animal will do. Whether it’s domesticated or wild, every animal deserves patience, space and respect when being photographed.

    If anyone is thinking of giving this a go, here are some fun fox tips for the studio (well, certainly tips I’ll remember for next time):

    – They act neither like a cat nor a dog, remember they are a fox.
    – Raw meat is the perfect treat, if you run out there’s always the chorizo you had planned for lunch.
    – When rewarding with a treat, make sure to be swift and count all fingers are still there once the food is given… ‘Gentle’ doesn’t exist to foxes!
    – Once they have a toy, don’t ever expect to get it back… at least not in one piece!
    – Make sure you have a super comfy sofa on hand, they love this.
    – If you talk on for too long before you start the shoot, they will fall asleep on your lap.

    Thanks for reading!!

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