Meet Merlin, The Water-Bottle-Sized 2-Year-Old Kitty That Is Taking Over Twitter Because Of His Pure Beauty

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    Meet the Greens: “@nathanialtgreen (left) was born in Michigan and is an insanely talented keyboardist, designer, and communications specialist. He loves chicken and waffles and syrup on almost everything. Often times can be found reading about politics. (right) is an art director, branding specialist, and photographer from Istanbul, Turkey. Lover of olive oil and Daniela Andrade. Often can be found admiring typefaces at target. Both met at Liberty University and eventually made their way to Nashville, TN. they got married last September and spend most of their time hanging out at Baja Burrito or 51st Deli!”

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    As a snuggly, social kitty, Merlin loves all living things, but sadly the feeling is not always mutual, “We’ve also learned–the hard way–that he’s easily dominated by other animals. Cats, in particular, tend to bully him. He never fights back, but we have seen him hiss a time or two. We have to keep a close eye on him around other animals. Other than that, he really is perfect!”

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    “Merlin loves watermelon, and since it’s Elliot’s favorite food, he gets it often”

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    It’s easy to see why Merlin has become an internet sensation, but the Greens say it was never their intention. “We just started accumulating a lot of pictures on our phones and decided to share them with the world. It wasn’t an account we were regularly posting on, but when we did we made sure that it looked good. Honestly, Elliot was proud of the way his apartment looked at the time and thought Merlin was a good subject to help show it off,” said Nathanial.

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    Still, the response has been surprising, “Yea! Friends keep telling us that they see Merlin’s pictures all over–it’s just mind-blowing.”

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    This family couldn’t be more grateful for finding this little ball of joy and say they owe it all to shelters like the Lynchburg Humane Society, “We’re grateful for animal shelters and the selfless, essential work they continue to do.”

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    “I’m a gift. You’re welcome.”

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    “Weather got meow like”

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