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    Expanded Steel Diamond Mesh, Diamond-mesh Lath
    Product name: Expanded steel diamond mesh, Diamond-mesh lath, Diamond mesh, Expanded mesh, Mild steel expanded sheets, Expanded steel, Steel screen
    Expanded steel diamond mesh is a kind of stretched mesh material made of sheet metal after being treated with special machine (expanded metal punching and shearing machine).
    Expanded mesh is a special metal mesh, it is also called meal lath, diamond mesh, steel screen, expanded metal mesh, mighty expanded mesh, footrest mesh, punched plate, aluminium expanded sheets, stainless steel expanded mesh, granary mesh, antenna net, filter mesh, acoustics net, etc.
    Material: Mild steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminium plate, copper plate, nickel plate, magnesium alloy sheet, etc.
    Surface treatment: PVC dip coating (spraying coating, smearing coating), hot galvanization, cold galvanization, anodic oxidation (aluminium plate), antirust paint spraying, etc.

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