Photographer Documents The Phenomenon Of Cat Ladders In Switzerland

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    The majority of cats enjoy being in high places because evolutionarily speaking, it is in their nature. Descendants of Proailurus, the first cat, they are tree-climbing mammals. Today these agile animals don’t need to escape into the trees for safety but they sure do enjoy it and have a flexible musculoskeletal system that provides them with outstanding coordination and balance that allows them to jump high.

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    The picture shows a rarely seen model, a spiral staircase that can be ordered on the Web

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    While these whimsical architectural tributes to pets are a sight to behold, cat behaviorist, Anita Kelsey said their cats might not appreciate the effort as much as they should: “They don’t know anything is for them. They like jumping and would be able to see the best route to their home territory whether it’s a ladder, a wall or a pipe.”

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    Cat stairs with a dwelling place for the cat and possibly other animals. Here is also cat food ready.

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    Here the mailboxes are used as a support to extend the door sill.

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    Ladder reaching to the third floor. It is one of the highest ladders seen in Bern.

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    The vine plantations belonging to the façade are not affected: grapevines and the wood of the cat ladder complement each other.

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