established: 26 October 2011
twitter: artFido
youtube: artFidoVideo
artFido is an exciting new online sales and auction site dedicated to art.  It was created to serve the growing number of art lovers who want to buy and sell art online. Over 150 artists, galleries and art professionals in Australia and New Zealand were consulted during the development phase. With their honest, real-world feedback in-hand, the artFido platform was created. artFido users are artists and art lovers that buy and sell art as an investment, as an aesthetic to enrich their lives, or simply in the course of earning a living.

The Australian Art Sales Digest (AASD) is the preeminent resource (online and off) for auction sales results in Australia and New Zealand. By association with the AASD, artFido listings automatically include the artist’s past auction results, giving buyers a better understanding of the value of the art listed.
The Australian Indigenous Art Market Top 100 (AIAM100) is an online resource intended to play a major role in underpinning the value and collect-ability of Aboriginal art both locally and internationally. The AIAM100 covers the careers of more than 100 of the most important artists of the indigenous art movement and has officially provided its support to artFido.
The Art Consulting Association of Australia (ACAA) is a professional industry association linking art consultants nationally and providing information and links for individuals, business and government seeking the services of a consultant. With the addition and promotion of the artFido Watchdogs, the ACAA was happy to be associated with artFido.

“artFido will launch with full social network functionality.  Each and every listing will be able to be shared across over 300 independent social networks. All with the click of a button.  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress will play major roles in the launch and success of the platform.” – Kris Growcott, Director Marketing/Communications
“It was paramount that artFido reflected the serious nature of the works for sale. Policing authenticity and provenance was key. Hence our reference to Fido, which means “I trust” or “faithful” in Latin.” – Kris Growcott, Director Marketing/Communications
“I really like the concept and the feel of the site – it’s great. I think your approach, for both collectors and artists to sell on the site, is a really good one. And the functionality looks very comprehensive.” – Shelley Simpson, New Zealand Artist
“A tailored, easy to use website to buy and sell art which, above all else, values transparency, low fees and trust, is warmly welcomed!” – Brenda Colahan BCFA, Member of the ACAA and one of the first artfido Watchdogs

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