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artFido Privacy Policy



1 In this document, some terms appear capitalised and bold (so, they appear Like This).
  • Many of these words and phrases are defined in the artFido Terms, which can be accessed here
    • If so, the word or phrase as used in this artFido Privacy Policy has the meaning given to it in the artFido Terms.
  • What follows is a list of each word or phrase that the artFido Terms don’t define, and that word or phrase’s meaning:
    • Aggregated Information means Generic Information that is accumulated, so that an individual user’s data can’t be identified;
    • Authorised Staff means artFido’s agents and employees, and some artFido contractors, who:
      • need to know about particular Personal Information to process it for artFido and
      • are subject to appropriate confidentiality obligations;
    • Cookie means a small text file that:
      • contains information about the user; and
      • a web server places on a computer’s hard drive when a user accesses a website;
    • Correct means accurate, complete or current;
    • Encrypted means up to 256-bit SSL encryption;
    • Generic Information means information that is not Personal Information;
    • Guidelines means the Guidelines to the National Privacy Principles which the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner:
      • developed and issued under section 27(1)(e) of the Privacy Act; and
      • published in September 2001;
    • Incorrect means inaccurate, incomplete or dated;
    • IP Address means a unique string of numbers that identifies a device (such as a computer) or server on a network;
    • ISP means internet service provider;
    • National Privacy Principles means the 10 principles found in Schedule 3 to the Privacy Act;
    • Material means affecting the circumstances relevant to National Privacy Principle 1.3;
    • Membership Profile means the ‘Account Details’ section of a Member’s ‘My artFido’ page;
    • Payment Provider means a third party financial institution that processes credit card transactions;
    • Run means administer, operate, maintain, develop and improve;
    • SSL means secure sockets layer;
    • Third Party Acquirer means a third party who is considering:
      • wholly or partially acquiring artFido’s business or assets; or
      • merging with artFido;
    • Third Party Website means a website which a party unrelated and independent to artFido owns and operates;
    • Third Party Provider means a party that provides the services available on a Third Party Website;
    • Trusted Third Party means a third party:
      • with whom artFido has a strong commercial relationship;
      • who has in place appropriate confidentiality and data security obligations; and
      • such as artFido’s hosting provider, ISP, call centre, mail house, and Payment Provider;
    • Web Server Certificate means a server’s digital credentials which set up a secure connection between that server and:
      • a client; or
      • another server.
2 Where a word or phrase is defined, corresponding forms have the same or a similar meaning. So, for example, WeUs and Our all refer to artFido.
3 This artFido Privacy Policy and the artFido Terms contain important information about Your rights. Please read them carefully.


Your privacy rights matter to Us, and We can prove it

4 Your privacy is extremely important to Us. So much so, We freely ‘opted-in’ to some privacy laws that didn’t apply to Us.

  • The main laws which protect Australian citizen’s information privacy are:
    • the Privacy Act; and
    • the National Privacy Principles.
  • However, given artFido’s size and business, the National Privacy Principles didn’t cover us.
  • But that wasn’t good enough for Us. To show how committed We are to protecting Your privacy rights, We successfully applied to ‘opt-in’ to the National Privacy Principles scheme. We didn’t have to, but We wanted to, because Your privacy is just as important to Us as it is to You.
    • You can access the Assistant Privacy Commissioner’s acceptance letter addressed to artFido here.
  • The ‘opt-in’ register includes a list of all the businesses like Us who have willingly chosen to be covered by the National Privacy Principles.
5 artFido caters to all art lovers worldwide, but especially focusses on the Australian and New Zealand art markets. However, We put together this artFido Privacy Policy with the Australian privacy laws in mind.

  • Why did We do this? It’s not because We don’t love the Kiwis. Rather, We did this because Australian privacy law is generally tougher than New Zealand privacy law, and as We are committed to protecting Your privacy rights, We wanted to follow the tougher rules.
    • However, You can rest assured that the artFido Privacy Policy is nonetheless generally consistent with the thrust of the New Zealand laws.

About this artFido Privacy Policy

6 In Australia, privacy laws regulate how many private sector organisations must manage personal information.

  • These laws deal with how organisations must collect, use and share personal information, and how they should manage it. The laws allow individuals to access that information, and correct the information if it is wrong.
  • These laws also say that an organisation must have a clearly expressed policy on how it manages personal information, and make the policy available to anyone who asks for it.
    • This document is that policy.
7 As You use the artFido WebsiteWe want You to be clear on:

  • how We’re collecting, using and passing on Your information, including Your Personal Information; and
  • the ways in which You can protect Your own privacy.
8 So, this artFido Privacy Policy explains how We protect Your privacy when You use the artFido Website, or the artFido Services. It covers some important stuff, like:

  • when We collect Personal Information from You, what information We collect, and the reasons why We collect it;
  • how We use Your Personal Information;
  • when We may share Your Personal Information, and how We might share it; and
  • how You can access and correct Your Personal Information.
9 If You use the artFido WebsiteYou confirm to Us that You have read and understood this artFido Privacy Policy.

  • If You find anything contained in this artFido Privacy Policy unclear, You should contact Us by sending an email to [email protected].
    • If You are still unclear on something after contacting UsYou might consider getting some legal advice.
10 This is the current artFido Privacy Policy. It might change from time to time.

  • Any amended artFido Privacy Policy takes effect once published on the artFido Website. It replaces the previous document.
  • In most cases, We don’t need to notify You of any changes. So, You should check the artFido Website regularly for any updated artFido Privacy Policy.
    • However, if We change the artFido Privacy Policy in a Material way, then We will notify You of that by email as soon as possible after publishing the new policy on the artFido Website.
11 This version of the artFido Privacy Policy was published on 17 April 2012.

When We collect Your Personal Information, and why We do it

12 Australian privacy laws outline what an organisation must:

  • do when collecting personal information; and
  • tell individuals about their collection of personal information.
13 When You use the artFido WebsiteWe collect different types of Personal Information about You. The type of Personal Information We may collect depends on how You use the artFido Website.
14 We won’t collect Your Personal Information unless it’s necessary for one or more of Our functions or activities.
15 In each case, We are the organisation collecting Your Personal Information.

  • You can contact Us by sending an email to [email protected]. For further information regarding contacting Us, see Section M.
  • You can get access to Your Personal Information at any time. For further information on accessing Your information, see Section L.
16 The following examples illustrate:

  • particular situations when We may collect Personal Information from You;
  • what types of Personal Information We may collect;
  • the main reason(s) why We collect it (that is, for which of Our functions or activities the Personal Information is necessary);
  • the types of organisations with which We usually share Personal Information of the particular kind;
  • any law that requires Us to collect the particular Personal Information; and
  • the main consequence(s), if any, for You if You don’t provide all or part of the relevant Personal Information.
17 Example 1 – when You casually visit the artFido Website:

  • We may collect Personal Information from You if You visit the artFido Website to read, browse or download information.
  • In this circumstance, Our computer system may automatically collect and record particular information in relation to Your visit to the artFido Website. This information might include:
    • Your broad geo-location;
    • Your IP Address, ISP and domain type;
    • Your browser type;
    • the date and time of Your visit;
    • the total time You spent on the artFido Website;
    • the artFido Website pages You accessed, the time You spent on each page and Your navigation paths;
    • information contained in Cookies; and
    • the details of any information You downloaded.
  • The main reasons why We collect this Personal Information is to help Us in:
    • Running the artFido WebsiteIncluding:
      • improving the website display, content and navigation; and
      • monitoring how the artFido Website is being used; and
    • increasing user security; and
    • diagnosing service or system problems (for example, the problems might be associated with IP Addresses which a specific ISP controls).
  • The types of organisations with which We usually share information of this kind are Trusted Third Parties.
  • Whether any law requires Us to collect this particular information will depend on the types of information which make up the specific bundle of information Wecollect in a particular user visit.
  • The main consequence for You if You don’t provide all or part of the relevant Personal Information is You may not be able to access the artFido Website’s full functionality, and its exciting potential.
18 Example 2 – when You register as a Member:

  • We may collect Personal Information from You if You register as a Member.
  • When You register, We may require You to give Us Personal Information such as Your:
    • contact details (for example, Your name, street address, telephone number and email address); and
    • demographic information (for example, Your gender).
  • The main reasons why We may collect this Personal Information is to enable Us to:
    • efficiently process Your membership application;
    • provide the artFido Services to You;
    • contact You to provide You with Administrative Services Information.
  • The types of organisations with which We usually share Your Personal Information are:
    • if You are buyer – the seller of the Work You bought: or
    • if You are seller – the buyer of Your Work.
  • No law requires Us to collect this particular information, but good common sense does – how else will the other party to Your transaction contact You to finalise it?
  • The main consequence for You if You don’t provide all or part of the relevant Personal Information is that You won’t be able to become a Member, or access the artFido Website’s full functionality. That’d be a real shame.
19 Example 3 – when You enter competitions or take part in promotions:

  • artFido may offer competitions or promotions from time to time. We may collect Personal Information from You if You enter a competition, or take part in a promotion.
  • When You enter a competition, or take part in a promotion, We may require You to provide Us with Personal Information.
    • For example, when You enter a competition, We may require You to provide Us with Your contact details.
  • The main reason why We collect this Personal Information is to enable Us to conduct the competition or carry out the promotion, Including contacting You if Youare a winner or a participant.
  • The types of organisations with which We usually share information of this kind are any contractors which run, or assist Us in running, the competition or promotion.
  • No law requires Us to collect this particular information, but good common sense does – how else will We contact You if You win a competition?
  • The main consequence for You if You don’t provide all or part of the relevant Personal Information is that We won’t:
    • enter You in the competition; or
    • let You take advantage of the promotion.
20 Example 4 – when You contact Us:

  • We may collect Personal Information from You if You contact Us.
  • When You contact Us directly, You may give Us Personal Information in that communication.
    • For example, if You send Us an email or letter, You may provide Us with details about Yourself and Your particular situation. We will collect that information in a file set aside just for You.
  • The main reason why We collect this Personal Information is to create a record which will help Us to resolve the issue You are facing which prompted You to contact Us.
  • The types of organisations with which We usually share information of this kind will depend on the nature of Your issue.
    • For example, if You email Us directly with Your concerns that someone has used, or might use, Your membership to act unlawfully, We may share Your Personal Information with the relevant persons or authority.
  • Whether any law requires Us to collect this information also depends on the nature of Your issue.
  • The main consequence for You if You don’t provide all or part of the relevant Personal Information is that We can’t help You to resolve Your issue.

How We use Your Personal Information

21 Australian privacy laws outline how organisations may use an individuals’ personal information.
22 How We use the Personal Information We collect from You usually depends on the main reason(s) why We collected it in the first place.

  • If You provide Your Personal Information to Us for a specific purpose(s), We may use that information for that purpose(s).
    • For example, if You provide Us with Personal Information to allow You to register as a Member or to enter a competition, We will use Your Personal Information to make the thing happen.
    • By way of another example, if You provide Us with Your credit card details when You register as a MemberWe will pass on Your details to Our Payment Provider to let them process and collect any Fees You owe Us.
  • We may also use Your Personal Information for a purpose which is related to the main reason(s) why We collected the information in the first place, provided Youwould reasonably expect Us to use the information for that related purpose.
    • For example, if You provide Us with Personal Information to enable Us to provide the artFido Services to You, then We might use Your Personal Information to assist Us to:
      • respond to how You use the artFido Services;
      • to improve, enhance and customise those services over time;
      • to develop new services; and
      • Run the artFido System.
    • By way of a second example, if You provide Us with Personal Information to enable Us to provide the artFido Services to You as an art collector or art enthusiast, then We might use Your Personal Information to provide You with Services Information.
    • By way of a third example, if You provide Us with Personal Information to enable Us to conduct a competition or carry out a promotion, then We might use Your Personal Information to provide You with information about related or similar competitions or promotions You might be interested in.
23 If You expressly or impliedly consent to Us using Your Personal Information in a particular way, We may use Your information in that way.

  • For example, if You are a Casual User or a MemberYou expressly consented to Us using Your Personal Information to provide You with Services InformationYou did so when You agreed to clause 15 of the artFido Terms.
    • However, You have a right to ‘opt-out’ of receiving Promotional Services Information emails.
      • We send You Promotional Services Information emails on an ‘opt-out’ basis. So, if at any time You don’t want to receive them, just click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of these emails and follow Your nose. We won’t sniff around about this again, unless You ask Us to.
  • We won’t give Your contact details to external market research companies unless You expressly consent.

When We may share Your Personal Information, and how We might share it

24 Australian privacy laws outline when organisations may share an individual’s personal information.

  • If certain conditions are met, an organisation doesn’t always need to get an individual’s consent to share personal information.
25 We will only share Your Personal Information with others in limited circumstances, and then only to the extent necessary. For example, where:

  • You provide Your Personal Information to Us for a specific purpose(s) which We can’t achieve without sharing the information, and then only to the extent needed to fulfil that purpose(s).
  • Both:
    • Our purpose in sharing Your Personal Information is one which is related to the main reason(s) why We collected the information in the first place; and
    • You would reasonably expect Us to share the information for that related purpose, and then only to the extent needed to fulfil that related purpose.
      • For example, if You provide Us with Personal Information to enable Us to offer to You the artFido Services and all related aspects of artFido’s business, then We might share Your Personal Information with a Third Party Acquirer, but then:
        • only to allow them to investigate artFido’s economic position, Including to conduct due diligence;
        • subject to appropriate confidentiality and data security obligations; and
        • We will notify You before a different privacy policy starts to apply to Your Personal Information.
      • By way of a second example, if You provide Us with Personal Information to enable Us to provide to You the artFido Website and artFido Services, then We might share Your Personal Information with Trusted Third Parties if We reasonably believe it is necessary to allow artFido to acquire from them services related to the artFido System, but then only for purposes concerning acquiring those services.
      • By way of a third example, if You provide Us with Personal Information to enable Us to provide You with an artFido Website and artFido Services of the highest quality, then We might share Your Personal Information with independent, third party service providers (Including consultants, accountants and auditors) where We reasonably believe this is necessary for Us to undertake:
        • planning, research (Including internal and market research), service development or testing; or
        • risk management; and
          • in any case, only for purposes related to the particular aim.
  • You have expressly or impliedly consented to Us sharing Your Personal Information, and then only to the extent You have consented.
  • We have reason to suspect that someone has, is, or might in the future act unlawfully, and We must share Your Personal Information:
    • when We investigate the matter, and then only to the extent necessary to aid our investigation; or
    • in reporting Our concerns to the relevant persons or authorities, and then only for the reporting purposes.
  • The law requires or permits Us to share Your Personal Information, and then only to the extent legally required or permitted.
    • For example, We might be legally required or permitted to share Personal Information to allow a party to prepare for, or conduct, legal proceedings, Includingto allow Us to enforce the artFido Terms.

When and why We collect information that isn’t Personal Information, and when We might share it

26 When You use the artFido WebsiteWe or a third party may collect different types of Generic Information from You.

  • The privacy laws don’t apply to Generic Information. However, We are committed to openness. So, We thought You might like to know a little about:
    • other information that We or third parties might collect;
    • how it might be used; and
    • with who it might be shared.
27 The following examples illustrate:

  • particular situations when We or a third party on Our behalf may collect Generic Information from You;
  • what types of Generic Information We or a third party may collect;
  • the main reason(s) why We or a third party collect it; and
  • the types of organisations with which We or the third party usually share Generic Information of the particular kind.
28 Example 1 – when You use the artFido Website:

  • We may personally, or through a third party, collect Generic Information from You when You use the artFido Website.
  • When You use the artFido Website:
    • artFido may ask a third party to monitor how Casual Users and Members use the artFido Website.
      • When monitoring, the third party may collect Generic Information which might include:
        • the specific area(s) of the artFido Website page which Your mouse moved over;
        • the specific button(s) on the artFido Website page which Your mouse clicked on; and
        • the website address that You accessed before and after visiting the artFido Website.
    • the artFido Website server uses Cookies.
      • You can read more information about Cookies in Section J.
      • artFido’s Cookies sometimes collect Generic Information, such as:
        • the date, time and duration of Your visit; and
        • the webpages You accessed.
  • The main reasons why We collect this Generic Information is to enable Us to Run the artFido Website, and prepare and analyse other data.
    • After monitoring how the artFido Website is used, the third party will provide artFido with a report. This report will contain only Aggregated Information.
    • Similarly, the first step in artFido using the information contained in Cookies is to process it into Aggregated Information.
    • artFido may use this Aggregated Information to:
      • Run the artFido Website; and
      • prepare and analyse statistics regarding things like:
        • the artFido System’s performance; and
        • users’ behaviours.
  • The types of organisations to which We usually share Generic Information of this particular kind is Our business partners and contractors.
    • For example, We might share this information to enable Us to show them trends about the general use of the artFido Website and the artFido Services.
    • We may occasionally share this Generic Information with advertisers.
29 Example 2 – when You use the artFido Services:

  • We may collect Generic Information from You if You are a Member, and You use the artFido Services.
  • When You use the artFido Services:
    • We may require You to give Us Generic Information.
      • For example, when You create a listing for the sale of a WorkWe may:
        • require You to complete certain fields and select certain options; and
        • collect information regarding the specific fields and options You completed or selected respectively.
    • We may automatically acquire Your Generic Information.
      • For example, We may collect information about the particular services that You use, and how You use them. So, when You submit an online bid for a Workbeing auctioned, We might collect information such as:
        • the amount of the bid You made;
        • the time You placed the bid; and
        • which particular Work You were bidding on.
  • The main reason why We collect this Generic Information is to enable Us to do internal research on Our users’ needs, interests, behaviours, demographics, and user protection, to better understand and serve You, and the art loving community.
  • The types of organisations to which We usually share Generic Information of this particular kind are Our business partners and contractors.
    • For example, We might share this information to enable Us to show them trends about the general use of the artFido Website and artFido Services.
    • We may occasionally share this Generic Information with advertisers.
30 Example 3 – when You give feedback:

  • We may collect Generic Information from You if You are a Member, and You decide to leave feedback for Us, or for another Member.
    • The FAQs describe how You can leave feedback. You can get the FAQs here
  • Once Members provide feedback, We collect that information.
    • The feedback’s content depends on whether a Member leaves feedback for Us, or another Member.
  • The main reason why We collect this Generic Information is to enable Us to do internal research on Our users’ needs, interests, behaviours, demographics, and user protection, to better understand and serve You, and the art loving community.
  • The types of organisations to which We usually share Generic Information of this particular kind depends on the type of information You give Us, but may include Our business partners and contractors.

Information security

31 Under Australian privacy law, an organisation must ensure the personal information it holds is kept secure from unauthorised use or access.
32 artFido is extremely dedicated to making sure that all data and information on the artFido Website is kept safe and secure.

  • artFido always takes all reasonable steps to protect Your Personal Information that it holds from:
    • misuse and loss; and
    • unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
33 artFido protects Your Personal Information by maintaining:

  • physical security – We:
    • adopt measures to prevent unauthorised entry to our premises;
    • use technology which detects unauthorised access to systems;
    • secure containers which store paper-based Personal Information; and
    • periodically review our physical security measures to continually guard against unauthorized:
      • entry to our premises; or
      • access to systems.
  • computer and network security – We adopt measures to protect computer systems and networks which store, process and transmit Personal Information from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.
  • communications security – We adopt measures to:
    • prevent unauthorised intrusion into Our computer networks; and
    • protect data transmissions from being intercepted by Encrypting our services using SSL software.
      • artFido is secured with state of the art Encryption software – a Cloudflare Web Server Certificate.
        • Whenever Personal Information is transmitted between Your web browser and Our web server, this Web Server Certificate makes sure that the data is Encrypted. This provides maximum protection.
        • You can verify that Your transmitted data is safe by clicking on an icon in the top left of your address bar
  • personnel security – We adopt:
    • procedural and personnel measures which restrict access to Your Personal Information to Authorised Staff, and then only for approved purposes; and
    • controls to minimise security risks to Our information technology systems.
34 artFido further protects Your Personal Information by conducting regular:

  • risk assessments – which may include identifying:
    • the security risks to the Personal Information We hold; and
    • the consequences of a security breach;
  • staff training sessions – which may include training staff and management in security awareness, practices and procedures; and
  • reviews – which may include periodically assessing whether existing security measures are adequate.
35 When You pay Us through the artFido WebsiteYou can be rest assured that Your credit card information is secure.

  • You may choose to pay artFido by entering Your credit card details on the artFido Website. If so, We use Our Payment Provider to charge You Our Fees.
  • artFido and its Payment Providers ensure that Your credit card details are passed in a secure way between:
    • the artFido Website and the Payment Provider; and
    • the Payment Provider and the financial institution that issued Your credit card.
  • artFido and its Payment Provider protect Your credit card information when it is transmitted by using state of the art Encryption software to Encrypt Your Personal Information.

Third Party Websites

36 The artFido Website may contain links to Third Party Websites to enhance a Casual User’s or Member’s experience.
37 artFido does not provide Your Personal Information to Third Party Providers.
38 This artFido Privacy Policy does not cover any Third Party Provider’s personal information management practices.

  • artFido can’t control any:
    • Third Party Website’s content; or
    • Third Party Provider’s privacy practices.
  • Many Third Party Providers will have their own privacy policy. You should review their privacy policy to:
    • see how they might use any Personal Information they may collect from You; and
    • make sure they hold and handle Your information responsibly.


39 Many websites interact with Your internet browser by using CookiesCookies are a fundamental part of the interactive process. Many websites widely use Cookies.

  • A website server may place a Cookie on Your computer, and later retrieve it. Cookies don’t change the way Your computer actually works.
  • You can configure Your browser options to:
    • choose whether You will accept a Cookie at all; or
    • configure the way any Cookie will work.
40 The artFido Website uses the information that Cookies provide to maximise Your user experience. Cookies let artFido provide You with a superior and more customised service.

  • Cookies help us to:
    • develop better website functionality, as they allow Us to collect general information about user behaviour on the artFido Website; and
    • deliver information and fresh content specific to Your interests.
  • artFido’s Cookies are tasty, but not bad for You in any way.
    • Put another way, the Cookies on the artFido Website don’t capture or track any Personal Information – they only catch or follow Generic Information, which can’t be used to identify individual users.
  • Most of the artFido Website works by using Cookies. So, to make full use of the artFido Website and its functionality, You will need to configure Your settings to accept Cookies. But, ultimately, it’s up to You.
    • You may set Your browser options to:
      • block all cookies, including Cookies linked to the artFido Services; or
      • let You know when We are trying to set a Cookie.
    • However, just be aware that if You block all Cookies, some artFido Services won’t run properly, or at all. That means You might miss out.
41 Some third parties may use Cookies on the artFido WebsiteWe have no access to or control over these Cookies.

  • This artFido Privacy Policy does not cover any third party’s personal information management practices.
  • Many third parties will have their own privacy policy. You should review their privacy policy for:
    • detailed information on their practices when it comes to collecting, using and sharing information; and
    • instructions about how to ‘opt-out’ of any practices You don’t like.

Making sure Your Personal Information is Correct

42 Under Australian privacy law an organisation must ensure the personal information it holds is accurate, complete and current.
43 We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the data We hold about You is of a high quality.

  • So, artFido takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the Personal Information it collects, uses or shares is Correct.
    • We take these steps at the time We collect, use or share Your Personal Information.
    • However, if We use or share Your Personal Information soon after we have collected it from YouWe are less likely to check it again. We think that’s only fair.

Accessing and correcting Your Personal Information

44 Under Australian privacy law individuals have a right to:

  • access their personal information; and
  • have that information corrected if it is Incorrect.
45 Where artFido collects a Member’s Personal Information, that Member has a right to access that information.

  • Once You become a MemberYou may at any time access and change Your Personal Information by accessing Your Membership Profile.
    • For example, You can access and update Your:
      • email address; or
      • credit card details.
    • We will store previous email addresses against Your Membership Profile to make sure that each Member keeps only one account with Us, as clause 13 of the artFido Terms requires.
  • You may want to know the details of some Personal Information about You which We collect and hold that isn’t contained in Your Membership Profile.
  • Subject to clause 45(d), if We hold Personal Information about YouWe will provide You with access to that information if You ask for it.
    • Before We let You access Your Personal InformationWe may ask You to verify Your identity.
    • We might give You access by:
      • providing You with information over the phone;
      • allowing You to inspect records;
      • allowing You to take notes;
      • sending You an email with an attachment; or
      • giving You a photocopy or printout of a record.
    • We will try to give You access within:
      • 14 days of Your request – if giving access is straightforward;
      • 28 days of Your request – if giving access is tricky; or
      • 2 months of Your request – if giving access is really complicated.
  • Unfortunately, in some situations We won’t be able to give You access to Your Personal Information. For example, where:
    • giving access would have an unreasonable impact upon someone else’s privacy;
    • the request for access:
      • doesn’t have any serious purpose or value;
      • is trivial and made for amusement’s sake;
      • is mainly made to annoy or worry;
      • is made as a means of You or someone else pursuing some unrelated gripe against Us, another Member or Casual User; or
      • is one which has been made repeatedly, in each case the request relating to the same Personal Information;
    • the information relates to present or likely legal proceedings, Including a dispute between You and Us, or You and another Member or Casual User, and Youwouldn’t get access to the information through the usual legal procedures;
    • the law requires or permits Us to deny access; or
    • giving access would likely prejudice an investigation of possible unlawful activity (for example, fraud or theft).
  • However, if We can’t provide You with access to Your Personal Information for any reason, We will:
    • give You Our reasons for denying access.
      • Where possible, We will tell You which legal exception We are relying on to refuse access.
    • where reasonable, consider whether We can allow access to a mutually-agreed intermediary on Your behalf.
      • We will only allow intermediary access if doing so would meet both parties’ needs.
  • Also, if We can’t provide You with total access for any reason, where possible We will give You access to any part(s) of the record that aren’t off limits.
    • For example, in some cases We can’t provide You with access to a document containing Personal Information about someone else because it would unreasonably impact on that third party’s privacy.
      • However, if We can satisfactorily and permanently delete the third party’s Personal Information from the document before releasing it to YouWe will give You access to the document as amended.
46 Where artFido collects a Member’s Personal Information, that Member has a right to more details about how We handle that Member’s information.

  • We are committed to openness. So, if You ask, We will take all reasonable steps to give You more details about the way We manage Your Personal Information.
    • For example, We will take all reasonable steps to let You know, generally:
      • what types of Personal Information about You We hold;
      • for what purposes We hold that information;
      • when We collect or how We use the information; and
      • with whom We might share that information.
47 Where artFido collects a Member’s Personal Information, that Member has a right to correct that information.

  • You can correct Your Personal Information at any time by accessing Your Membership Profile.
  • If You establish that Your Personal Information that We hold is Incorrect, then We will take all reasonable steps to correct that information.
  • However, if You can’t establish that Your Personal Information that We hold is Incorrect, then We will:
    • not change the information in Our records;
    • provide You with Our reasons for not changing the information; and
    • if You ask Us to, take all reasonable steps to attach to the information a statement that You claim the information is Incorrect.
  • You may want to discuss with Us any issue about correcting Your Personal Information.
48 Subject to clause 48(a), We won’t charge You for Our giving You access to Your Personal Information, or for Our correcting it.

  • But artFido may charge You for giving access if Your request is really complicated or onerous, but then only an amount proportionate to the nature and extent of Your request.

How can you exercise your rights under GDPR

50 If you are an individual browsing from the EU/EEA, where the General Data Protection Regulations apply, you can exercise rights related to your data by contacting us via contact details at the bottom of the page.— You can request access to a free copy of your data,

  • You can ask us to delete your personal data, and we will do so where we legally can,
  • You have a right to rectify your data,
  • If you wish to object to us processing your data according to Legitimate interest.
  • You also are free to revoke your consent by updating your settings
  • Your above described requests will be executed in a legally required time frame, 1 month, and we will need you to provide a valid proof of identification with each request.

More information about Your privacy rights

52 Your privacy and information security is extremely important to Us.

  • This artFido Privacy Policy complies with the main laws which protect Australian citizen’s information privacy. These are the Privacy Act and the National Privacy PrinciplesYou can access them here
  • The artFido Privacy Policy is also consistent with the GuidelinesOur complying with the Guidelines helps minimise any risk of breaching the Privacy Act.
  • You can access more information about Your privacy rights here
53 If You have any questions about this artFido Privacy Policy, please contact Us by:

  • sending an email to [email protected]; or
  • posting a letter to artFido, PO Box 361, Carlton North, Victoria, Australia 3054.