Summer House Designed With A Pool On Its Roof Can Be As Open Or As Closed As The Homeowner Desires

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    “For me, nature is one of the main sources of inspiration. Both direct observation and perception of nature by means of other creators, captured in the form of e.g. photographs or paintings. My design ideas are frequently stimulated not only by intriguing forms created by nature but also by attempts to embed architectural structures into the natural context. Combining matters that are so different is an extremely interesting process based on an attempt to find the balance between the original form of the surroundings and the architectural creation.”

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    “In Antireality, I like to imagine the natural context in an abstract, often even a fairytale-like form that stands out well from the actual dimension of this space at the same time. The impact of the surroundings is also visible during the creation of visualizations where the imaginary world plays the key role in the final visual expression.”

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    “In terms of style, I remain ceaselessly fascinated by modernism. Despite the fact that this inspiration is not always direct, this style has had a strong impact on my sense of aesthetics, due to which I happen to draw from various works created during this period.”

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    “I always start my work from formulating the main idea/theme that will lead me during my further exploration. This process is usually initiated under the influence of an external stimulus that triggers my imagination and entices my designer’s curiosity. At this stage, I create preliminary sketches, diagrams and notes focus on the function and the geometry of the object, at the same time considering the visual content I want to convey. In 3d software (Rhino) I model variations based on previous drawings while experimenting with the form and materials. Having taken final decisions, I create renders using V-Ray. The last stage is work on the atmosphere, surroundings and the content of the visualization, which I also make in Photoshop.”

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    “My architectural journey is unquestionably still at an early stage. Over one year ago, I graduated from a Department of Architecture defending my master’s thesis in Urban Planning. Both during the studies and after graduation, I had the opportunity to gain professional experience in Scandinavian architectural offices. At present, I am trying to expand my knowledge of building construction. My current goal is to obtain full professional certification and that is what I’m focusing on right now.”

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