The 50 Most Beautiful Small Towns in America. Do You Agree?

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    Anchoring the arts community in this Southern Indiana town is the Brown County Art Colony, established in 1907. Lots of antiques shopping, along with hikes through Brown County State Park, provide visual stimulation.

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    Part of the Anderson Valley wine-growing region, the town’s bucolic-meets-boho-chic vibe extends to the Boonville Hotel and Pennyroyal Farm, a creamery that also makes wine.

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    When you think of a quaint Southern town with magnolia trees and antebellum homes, Madison—60 miles east of Atlanta—is just that. One of Georgia’s largest historic districts lies in Madison, and it is a stop on the state’s Antebellum Trail.

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    Chicagoans like to book romantic weekends in this town along the Mississippi River where the state’s flatlands are replaced by river bluffs. Between April and November, a popular attraction is the funicular, affording a bird’s-eye view of the town.

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    With the Mystic Seaport’s tall ships and schooners, plus the country’s largest maritime museum, this village along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline truly celebrates maritime life. It also boasts three historic districts.

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    This darling Dutchess County village along the Hudson River affords views of the Catskill Mountains, plus it has a vibrant indie-shopping scene in its downtown. An observation tower in the 200-acre Ferncliff Forest is a favorite hiking spot (with a view).

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    Within the last decade, artists and designers began to flock to this wide-open landscape three hours south of El Paso, opening galleries, hotels, and shops, but not without compromising the swathes of nature and iconic buildings like the Italianate-style Presidio County Courthouse, built in 1886.

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    Silver Run Falls, in the heart of this Blue Ridge Mountains town—63 miles southwest of Asheville and at about 3,500-feet elevation—is just one of the natural beauties.

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    Middle Tennessee includes Sewanee, home to the University of the South (a private liberal arts college) and also, as you might expect in a college town, chic dining and outdoor concerts.

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    Take your pick of nine lakes to explore in this White Mountains village, including Lake Winnipesaukee, which is the state’s largest.

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