The Top 50 Photos That Won The 2018 Travel Photographer Of The Year Awards

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    "Snow seldom lays for long in London, but when it does, people make snowmen all around the city"

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    "Széchenyi Baths, built in 1913, is the most popular the inhabitants of Budapest who come here to relax with friends"

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    "Iceland is simply extraordinary - a unique wilderness of volcanic landscapes, stunning waterfalls, vast, empty beaches and great bird life.The Icelandic people are defined by their relationship with this land and the human impact of remote farms, isolated churches and fishing villages contribute to the photographers subject matter"

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    "This photo was taken on a stormy day when a father threw a towel toward his son to see how hard the wind was blowing.”

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    Jose Antonio Rosas was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Photography became a serious pursuit for him in 2007, when he first traveled to Antarctica and fell in love with its wildlife and landscapes. During the next eight years, he combined his love of photography and the outdoors with a career in finance. In 2015, he made the decision to take a year off from his career and enrolled in the Online Low Residency Program at the International Center of Photography. During this program, he was encouraged to expand the range of his interests, and started photographing people. After the program, he decided to dedicate more of his time to photography and is currently enrolled in the One-Year, Full Time Creative Practices program at ICP.

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    Our trip to Mauritius in was accompanied by Cyclone Berguitta, causing stress and drama to everyone on the island. We escaped from the stormy beaches to explore the markets of Port Louis, including the Fish Market. Read more at

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