Travel Captures Two Stray Cats Cuddling And It’s Hard To Believe The Photo Wasn’t Staged

  1. 11


    Awww yeah!

  2. 12


    That good scratching!

  3. 13


    Two strays. This scruffy boy hopped up and wouldn’t go. I didn’t mind at all.

  4. 14


    This one was pregnant and, hence, wary.

  5. 15


    Plenty to go around.

  6. 16


    Cats live all over these rocks, scouring for fish or whatever else they can find.

  7. 17


    They come running, demanding to be picked up! I said “okay” every single time! I cuddled as many as I could but still left so many in need of a hug.

  8. 18


    Needs to go viral. We still have never said a word to each other and I was in a rush. Help me track him down.

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