Wiley The Dalmatian Puppy Dog Is A Real Heart-Stealer And It’s Easy To See Why

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    “Some people recognize him as “that dog from the internet,” a lot of people notice the heart nose, but mostly it’s just people shocked to see a dalmatian. “I haven’t seen a dalmatian in so long,” or “I’ve never seen a dalmatian in person,” are the most repeated comments I hear when I am out and about with Wiley.”

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    Smith’s decision to share Wiley with the internet began with her love of photography. “Photography has always been something that I have toyed and experimented with, and suddenly I had an adorable puppy who made the perfect model. I have a personal account, but creating a separate one dedicated specifically to Wiley seemed like a great way to kind of store all my photos of him and keep a running timeline of his life.”

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    “It truly started as something meant for just me and maybe some of my friends to see his growth and keep the memories of every stage and event with Wiley. When the account first started growing I remember thinking ‘Wow, what if he hits 5,000 followers!’ I never in a million years could have imagined it would be what it is now. And it’s STILL GROWING. I am constantly amazed, shocked, but mostly so grateful. It has been a fun little adventure, that’s for sure.”

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    “Hey mom, if I throw a ball will you go away and leave me to my stick chewing?”

  5. 15


    “My plan for today? Same as always: chew on everything and look sexy”

  6. 16


    “It’s Thursday, or as I like to call it…day 4 of the hostage situation”

  7. 17


    “This weekend has been a good weekend”

  8. 18


    “Mom says stay humble, so I say “get my good side,” as if I have a bad side.”

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  10. 20


    “BORN TO BE WIIIIIILD(but only until 9 pm or so)”

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