10 Women Who Changed the World We Live In

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It’s surprising to us that in this day and age we still need to have an ‘official’ day to recognise and champion women and women’s rights. Nevertheless, International Women’s Day has come and gone for another year and gave us the opportunity to reflect upon how women have changed the world we live in.

Throughout history, many strong women had to rise against the odds and fight for their dreams and passions, equality and solidarity among men. Their bravery contributed to shaping today’s world, and has to be remembered.

Here’s our list of women that helped contribute to the world we live in today. They’re not all household names, but they definitely should be…


#1 Irena Sendlerowa – Woman Who Smuggled Approximately 2,500 Jewish Children Out Of The Warsaw Ghett



#2 Malala Yousafzai, 19, Pakistani Activist For Female Education Who Survived Being Shot In The Head By The Taliban, The Youngest Ever Nobel Prize Laureate

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#3 A Woman Hitting A Neo-Nazi With Her Handbag In Växjö, Sweden (13 April, 1985)

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#4 Marie Curie Was A Polish Scientist Famous For Her Work On Radioactivity, The First Woman To Win A Nobel Prize And The Only Woman To Win Twice

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#5 Margaret Heafield Was A Director Of Software Engineering For NASA’s Apollo Space Program (1969)

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#6 Nujood Ali, Given To Abusive Husband At Age 10, Divorced Him And Broke Tribal Tradition

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#7 These Women Were Firefighters At Pearl Harbor (1941)

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#8 A 106-Year-Old Woman Who Protected Her Home With A Rifle, In Armenia (1990)

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#9 Muslim Woman Covers The Yellow Star Of Her Jewish Neighbor With Her Veil (1941)

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#10 Voting Activist Annie Lumpkins At The Little Rock City Jail (10 July, 1961)

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