Street Artist Rone Creates TOP SECRET Exhibition


Last week in an unidentified and soon-to-be-demolished building in Melbourne, Australia, a secret street art exhibition titled “The Alpha Project” was held by renowned street artist RONE to a lucky few.

As the invitation read:

I have been working on a huge top secret project over the last few months. In fact it is still a secret so this email is only going to a few select people. I would like to invite you to a tour of my latests works that are located in a soon-to-be demolished building in Melbourne. This will be a tour of a work site where I have been painting for the last few months. This will be a tour of a work site where I have been painting for the last few months. The intention with the project is to create a new series of photographic works as a continuation of what I produced for the EMPTY exhibition. Unfortunately I was unable to show anyone the original works that were documented for EMPTY.  Before this new series is released the property owner has given us permission to show a few select people the works before they are destroyed.

The StreetArtGlobe and artFido teams were lucky enough to be invited and captured these images and videos before the paintings were painted over and the building demolished.

Images and videos courtesy of RONE and Catherine Bloxsom. Music by Nick Lovell.





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