A Reflective Six-Legged Wolf Covered in Glass Mirror Shards!

September 22, 2013 in Art, Installation

As part of her current exhibition titled Earthshine at Gallery Wendi Norris (which is also her American solo debut), Japanese multidisciplinary artist Tomoko Konoike explores various crystalline structures in sculptures and drawings. Drawing inspiration from manga, Shinto animism, Noh drama, and pop culture, the artist creates surreal, otherworldly artworks that encompass sculpture, drawing, photography, and animation.

Among one of her most striking works is this amazing six-legged wolf wrapped in mirror shards titled Donning Animal Skins and Braided Grass. The wolf is now extinct in Konoike’s native Japan, but is a prominent spiritual symbol in much of her art. You can see much more over on Hi-Fructose and Gallery Wendi Norris. The exhibition runs through October 26, 2013.

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