Ballet Dancers in Everyday Situations!

Following on from our extremely successful blog post about a ballet dancer that danced en pointe on knife shoes on a piano (see HERE), it’s quite clear that an ordinary day as a ballet dancer is never ordinary.

Ever wonder what a ballet dancer does on their downtime? With all of those muscles toned and trained for high flying leaps, jumps, and flips, you have to wonder how they deal with the everyday. Why get up for the TV remote when you can expertly extend across the room to grab with it ease and style? Thanks to photographer Jordan Matter we can now see the ordinary life of such acrobatic wonders in his album titled ‘Dancers Among Us.” Take a look at some photos below to see just how regular situations change into wondrous displays of physical perfection when you live the life of a ballet dancer.


First and foremost, why walk when you can leap?

Shopping sprees are much more stylish

Work and school are A LOT less boring

A kiss is waaaayyy sexier when you can do a back flip

All in all, you look sexier pretty much doing anything

And Rocky has nothing on this woman

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  1. This looks pretty dumb to me…………….
    But I am so old that maybe I just do not understand what is happening.

    Maybe I am ready to move into a new lodging somewhere.

    Cheers, George Karr

    1. Really? As an artist and a dancer I don’t understand why you would need to find the time to say that. The photographs are beautifully shot and these dancers are just as beautiful.

        1. Love ’em all except the one on the train tracks. I don’t think anyone should risk being hit by a train for any reason. Happens all too often. The defibrillator one is hilarious and of course graceful.

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