17 Gifs That Show How Everyday Products Are Manufactured

Have you ever taken a step back and wondered where the products that you use every day come from or how they’re made? This list of awesome gifs will show you how some of the things we use or even eat every day come to be.

Isn’t it awesome how these gifs are both educational and hypnotizing at the same time? Many of these products used to be made by hand. The industrial process changed the products we use for the better or worse, but whether or not these products got any better, the manufacturing processes used to create them got a whole lot more fun to watch.

(1) Helmet Camouflage

(2) Macaroni

(3) Balloons

(4) Chicken Wire

(5) Chain

(6) Hot Dogs

(7) Ice-Cream Sandwiches

(8) The Old Spice Ad

(9) Pretzels

(10) Springs

(11) Moving Traffic Dividers For Rush Hour

(12) Wrought-Iron Decorative Elements

(13) Wrapped Bales of Hay

(14) Sharpening Pencils

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