20 Modern Remakes Of Famous Paintings


You’re probably familiar with a lot of these famous Western art masterpieces, but probably not like this!

It started when booooom.com partnered with Adobe to create the Remake project, which asked art students to recreate classic paintings into something else using photography.

Here’s our favourite 20 of the remakes, including a couple of extras that we found on the interwebs and had to include here. What is your favorite?

“Son Of Man” by Magritte


Image credits: Juan de Ezcurra

“The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo


Image credits: gebbs

“Bedroom in Arles” by Van Gogh


Image credits: Joshua Louis Simon

“American Gothic” by Grant Wood


Image credits: Jesse John Hunniford

“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dalí


Image credits: unknown

“Weeping Woman” by Picasso


Image credits: Frances Adair Mckenzie

“Self Portrait 1889″ by Vincent van Gogh


Image credits: Tadao Cern

“The Death of Marat” by David


Image credits: Ewa Wiktoria Dyszlewicz

“Ugly Duchess” by Quentin Matsys


Image credits: Alexandre Mury

“Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich


Image credits: Spencer Harding

“Self Portrait” by Frida Kahlo


Image credits: Bazooka Betty

“Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth


Image credits: Meg Wachter

“The Girl With The Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer


Image credits: unknown

“La laitière” by Johannes Vermeer


Image credits: Justine Rioufrait

“Grande Odalisque” by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres


Image credits: Craig White

“Therese Revant” by Balthus


Image credits: Chloe Van Overmeir

“Lady with an ermine” by Leonardo da Vinci


Image credits: Wanda Martin

“Portrait of Sylvia Von Harden” by Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix


Image credits: Stephan Hoffman & SoYeon Kim

“La bonne foi” by Magritte


Image credits: Noemi Mazzucchell

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for a piece of original art to hang on your walls, check out artFido HERE!


107 responses to “20 Modern Remakes Of Famous Paintings”

  1. Sean Korb Avatar
    Sean Korb

    Son of Man doesn’t even try to get the outfit remotely correct. American Gothic & Persistence of Memory were just crappy concepts. The Ugly Duchess is looking directly into the camera for no reason. Wanderer in the sea fog is random, innacurate and lazy. Frida Kahlil isn’t even any painting in particular, it’s just a costume. Christina’s World doesn’t get the pose even remotely right. Lady with an ermine is also lazy and inaccurate. Picasso and Van Gough were spot-on.

  2. Henrik Nilsen Avatar
    Henrik Nilsen

    For some reason the girl in the American Gothic remake looks a bit like Hayley Williams when she was a bit younger.

  3. “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo is from my homecity FB friend, and Girl with Earrings is not unknown, it´s Scarlett Johansson film from 2003.

  4. Mikko Kivioja Avatar
    Mikko Kivioja

    There’s finnish beer called “Sandels” in remake 3. 8)

  5. Chris Henson Avatar
    Chris Henson

    All of the remakes here are infinitely better than the originals! Good day, sir!

  6. Girl with the pearl earring on the right is Scarlett Johansson – it’s from the movie

  7. Esteban Alvarez Avatar
    Esteban Alvarez

    this is bullshit

  8. grumkins and snarks Avatar
    grumkins and snarks

    Hah. Seeing Son of Man like that, one can’t help thinking Magritte was very ahead of his time.

  9. thoughtfulperson Avatar


  10. Etna Delgado Avatar
    Etna Delgado

    Why is that stupid girl is holding fox fur instead of a live animal? Gross.

  11. zamboki Avatar

    Definite win on the “The Creation of Adam.” Got me laughing.

  12. Tired Ofyou Avatar
    Tired Ofyou

    all dumm comments

  13. Ashi Tanaka Avatar
    Ashi Tanaka

    Some of teh works are a project on the Art Academy and it should be satirize

  14. The Creation of Adam one is the best

  15. The Creation of Man one is the best

  16. Don’t waste your time looking at the list

  17. Ben Becker Avatar
    Ben Becker

    This was… a complete artistic fail.

    1. CoffeeGrunt Avatar

      The Adam and God one got a giggle, but the rest were…well, uninspired.

  18. This could be cool if they were done well but they’re unfortunately pretty bad. And why throw in a promo pic of Scarlett Johannsen? Did the person who wrote this article forget that was for a movie? Dumb.

    1. Etna Delgado Avatar
      Etna Delgado

      Considering the image credits are unknown for that picture, I’d say you hit the nail on the head with them forgetting it was for a movie…

  19. En “Lady with an ermine” by Leonardo da Vinci, lo que tenía la mujer en sus brazos, me dolió en lo profundo de mi ser.

    1. MaudedelMar Avatar

      A mi tambien :'(

  20. Cabbage Avatar

    The exact opposite of art, creative expression is not shown through copying another.

    1. zamboki Avatar

      You take things too seriously. Once I got past the silliness of the lot, I actually found a few of them very funny.

  21. The only good one is ‘Self Portrait 1889’ by van Gogh.

  22. Queen Mercury Avatar
    Queen Mercury

    Lighten up people, it’s parody. It isn’t meant to be serious.

    1. ThatAussieGuy Avatar

      At last! Someone with a sense of humour.

    2. iamTheSnark Avatar

      Good you are here! Above and below are the ones who do not appreciate art and cannot do it themselves… and are obviously mad about it.
      “Het melkmeisje”, great! “Do the dishes!”

  23. the first Magritte’s the best

  24. Kinsey Wohlers Avatar
    Kinsey Wohlers

    I actually really like the modern interpretations, they are rather clever. I do not think the modern ones can ever be better than the classics, but I am amused.

  25. LaQuare Avatar

    These aren’t very good.

  26. American Gothic is about a father and a daughter, not a couple.

  27. travsam Avatar

    The Grande Odalisque recreation is so… weird… pulls eyes out….

  28. John Titor Avatar
    John Titor

    I thought it was going to be interesting. Now, I realise this is just bloody crap.

    1. CitizenUranus Avatar

      I’m sure your parents think the same the of you.

  29. Banana Boat Avatar
    Banana Boat

    I like the idea of recreating masterpieces in real life with drunk guys, haha!

  30. Neveux Elisabeth Avatar
    Neveux Elisabeth

    THe girl with the pearl earing is Scarlett Johanson in the movie !!!

    1. amanda Avatar

      I thought it was her! Can’t mistake those lips :)

    2. Susan Brehme Park Avatar
      Susan Brehme Park

      Yep! “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” movie made in 2003 starring Colin Firth as Vermeer and Scarlett Johanson as Grier. I recognized it right off the bat, as well.

  31. Alec Mabini Avatar
    Alec Mabini

    Some of these are silly but creative.

  32. Some of these are downright stupid.

    1. ♪opuch♪ Avatar

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      1. You mean “expecting”.

        Also, you thinking that USA has a higher concentration of idiots than the rest of the world proves that you need to travel more.

        1. Bill Hawkins Avatar
          Bill Hawkins

          He may be talking about our Government. The rest of the world judges us by the behavior of those in Washington, on Wall Street, and our bizarre foreign policy. You can’t really blame them for thinking we are a pack of idiots.

          1. Teaflax Avatar

            The world judges you by the fact that about 40+ procent of Americans who actually do vote actuallt vote for an utterly insane party. I’m not saying the Democrats are great, far from it, but the US Republican party as it stands today is completely stark ravnig.

          2. Curmudgeon Avatar

            As opposed to you Commiecrats.

          3. Sean Korb Avatar
            Sean Korb

            “Commicrats” : The dazzling wit of the oh-so-clever American mind. Probably found that joke in the bargain bin at Walmart next their ‘Murican flag t-shirt.

          4. Curmudgeon Avatar

            How much Sandinista spooge did you guzzle down? Your fawning obedience to every turd world tin-horn tyrant was truly witty, wasn’t it?

          5. Curmudgeon Avatar

            As opposed to your Che T-Shirt? And how much Sandinista spooge did you guzzle down?

          6. while i take the overall tone offensively, considering you are looking from the outside-in, i can’t disagree overall with your assessment…but being crazy, and being dumb are 2 different things, and we’re certainly not dumb (mostly). and btw…you’re welcome for WWII.

          7. Sean Korb Avatar
            Sean Korb

            “…we’re certainly not dumb (mostly).”

            Lmfao. To bad Americans are too stupid to recognize irony when they see it.

          8. I am from city which was entirely destroyed by american bombs. Who killed the most civilians during WWII there? Americans. Same story in various areas accross Europe. The same you do now in the Middle East. Destroy everything without any precaution or care, pretending to be the world’s saviors. So, we will not thank you, we would have made it without you. Just like the other populations you are blasting away theses days, do not need you either. Btw, your foreign policy is both dumb and crazy.

          9. ♪opuch♪ Avatar

            i remember a talkshow when obama was host, and americans with tears in eyes scanded yes we can! lol

          10. Opuchneedsadictionary Avatar

            English is clearly defeating you. Just type in your 1st language so we can use google translate. I only say this because it makes you look like a moron if you try to insult people with terrible spelling and/or grammar. Happy trolling.

          11. ♪opuch♪ Avatar

            i using many languages not only english, how many languages you using?
            only english right :) idiot

          12. Opuchneedsadictionary Avatar

            Swing and a miss there, Opuch. I am from South Africa and I speak 5 languages. I speak them all better than you write English soooo… back to the insult drawing board with you.

          13. zamboki Avatar

            Whoa there, good child. I am a troll and I see lots of insults. Opuch is nowhere near insulting anybody; also his sentence construction, for a non-English speaker is quite good.

          14. Master of Unlocking Avatar
            Master of Unlocking

            You don’t think calling someone an idiot is an insult? What planet do you come from?

          15. zamboki Avatar

            I personally use it as a term of endearment.

          16. Hubert Avatar

            most idiots living in russia – they still believing in everything what Puttler said.

          17. Sean Korb Avatar
            Sean Korb

            It’s not the government’s fault the average American can’t find Canada on a map and can’t name any world Capitol besides London, D.C. or Paris. It’s also not the government’s fault reality TV is 100x more popular than books or art museums. The reason they think we are a pack of idiots is because WE ARE.

        2. ♪opuch♪ Avatar

          travel to meet idiots?

          1. Teaflax Avatar

            Just look in the mirror. “U” is a word in only three languages: Dutch, Burmese and Idiot English.

          2. Terron Avatar

            you forget Slovenian,Bosnian,Serbian,Croatian where it means “in”

          3. Master of Unlocking Avatar
            Master of Unlocking

            If you’re going to call other people idiots, you ought to speak better English.

          4. ♪opuch♪ Avatar

            im not from usa or GB, my english is good
            idiot :)

          5. Master of Unlocking Avatar
            Master of Unlocking

            What makes you think we care where you come from?

            Your English sucks. Deal with it.


          6. Jason Stanford Avatar
            Jason Stanford

            stupider? ironic methinks..

          7. Master of Unlocking Avatar
            Master of Unlocking

            Except that “stupider” is entirely grammatically correct, genius. (Oh, and that’s sarcasm.)

          8. Jason Stanford Avatar
            Jason Stanford

            My mistake, it just looks stupider than ‘more stupid’.

          9. ^^this guy is a noob Avatar
            ^^this guy is a noob

            No, travel to gain perspective. Noob. I am pretty sure you have a lot of idiots around you already if they let you think the shit that you do.

        3. fungio Avatar

          I’ve been travelling a lot. And I still think USA has a higher concentration of idiots! But as an idiot myself I felt confortable over there :)

        4. Jgobbstopper Avatar

          Can you read? This was done in the UK. Clowns to the left Jokers to the right. IDIOTS, above and below.

        5. Motherofdragon Avatar

          As an American, can everyone just calm down. Gesh. Come people are stupid here, but that is a global phenomenon. Let us all respect that every country has a diverse group of people and that they usually contribute in some way to the world.

          1. Motherofdragon Avatar


        6. Carolina74 Avatar

          Lol :’D

      2. well actually most of the pics are from UK… but there are idiots everywhere. This post was dissapointing anyway…

      3. Jeff Powell Avatar
        Jeff Powell

        Maybe before you calls us idiots you should learn how to write a complete sentence.

      4. lubbactually Avatar

        Rather be a fun and creative “idiot” than a pretentious bore. It’s true that most people have probably never given a single thought to your native tongue, village or even your country. But remember why: there is no need. Be interesting or die trying!

      5. JMeyer47 Avatar

        People who call other countries idiots never reveal what country they are from because usually they are just as stupid and done things just as bad.

        Plus I have to agree: second, third, fourth, or tenth language, your English is that of a retarded kindergartner…in Slovakia. BTW, how old are you?

      6. ptaipale Avatar

        Trying to be funny? Most of these don’t seem to be American. The “Creation of Adam” is clearly Finnish, because the beer is Sandels.

    2. David Cutrano Avatar
      David Cutrano

      The concept is good but the execution is poor.

    3. Νίκοιαυς Κοορμαηη Avatar
      Νίκοιαυς Κοορμαηη

      those were the best! things can only be so stupid. then they become brilliant. in the sense of pythonian negative indexing

      1. Νίκοιαυς Κοορμαηη Avatar
        Νίκοιαυς Κοορμαηη

        best one is the drunk hobo crwaling in the grass trying to reach the little hut

    4. Laurent Alphonse Ferreira Avatar
      Laurent Alphonse Ferreira

      Only the second and third are good, the rest are just a repainting without anything special.

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