29 Things That Will Make You Smile No Matter How Bad Your Day’s Going


It’s been a long, tough week and the weekend is nearly upon us.  So we thought it was high time we did another post that just makes you smile.  So save this post to your favorites and pull it out every time you’re feeling a little down because it’s guaranteed to bring a smile back to your face.

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

1. Man down.

2. Patrick Stewart’s cheeky face.

3. Any dog that doesn’t like showers.

4. Usain Bolt just being Usain Bolt.

5. The time Philip gave Steph some IT advice.

6. Anyone ridin’ dirty.

7. Green beans.

8. A furious otter.

9. This man who knows how to wear a hoodie.

10. This vet.

11. The fact Facebook was probably better in 1902.

12. Jeff.

13. This child making some friends.

14. Any time you get to deploy this GIF in an email thread.

15. That time the people of Mexico lined the streets to see the pope but a dog thought otherwise.

16. Pretty much any goat GIF.

17. The time Beth got the wrong end of the stick.

18. The fact there’s a Facebook group where they compare abandoned mattresses to celebrity fashions.

19. These friends.

20. In Da Pug.

21. Two koalas.

22. This scary rapping moment.

23. Any otter that can slam-dunk.

24. That time Jesse got confused.

25. Any baby duck that can’t stay awake.

26. One Direction having a bad day.

27. And any of Pun Dog’s terrible jokes.

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