31 of the FUNNIEST Moving Images Ever. Promise.


These days, it’s a big call to claim that something is the best of anything.  But we’re pretty confident in saying that the GIFs below are in fact the funniest, ever. Believe us. Just scroll down and enjoy!

1. The most perfect moment that ever happened.


2. This balloon enthusiast.


3. The surprisingly well-prepared bucket head.


4. The lowest moment in this dog’s life.

5. The slight overreaction.


6. The future is now.


7. The dog who knew exactly what was coming.


8. This pug that is ashamed of his dancing abilities.

9. This disgruntled dump truck.


10. The day Elmo finally reached his breaking point.


11. The presumably British cat who needed directions


12. “FOR CHARLIE!!!!!!”


13. This opinionated future music critic.


14. There are two kinds of squirrels.


15. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.


16. Good dog.

17. This kid who’s definitely not going to get into heaven now.


18. Kids are just tiny drunk adults.


19. Carpe diem.

20. Dog fail.


21. You had one job.

22. When a prank goes better than you could have imagined.


23. The one with the treadmill.


24. The world’s angriest otter.

25. Can’t.

26. When days of planning finally pay off.

27. The most entertaining mascot ever.


28. Nailed it.

29. The thing that triggered this woman’s lifelong fear of clowns.


30. The smartest dog in the world.

31. The double-pronged attack.

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