3D Figurative Collages Encased in Layers of Glass by Dustin Yellin


The Brooklyn-based artist Dustin Yellin was commissioned by the New York City Ballet to install a new series of his figurative collages. The artist refers to the sculptures as Psychogeographies because “they feel like maps of the psyche.”

Each large-scale sculpture is individually embellished with bizarre found objects—cut-up books, magazines and trash found on the street—which are then sealed within layers of glass. “Imagine if you were to make a drawing on a window,” said Yellin, explaining his process. “And then you were to take another window and glue it to that window… until you had a window sandwich. I make window sandwiches.”

You can also follow Yellin’s activities on Instagram.




Psychogeography-54-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dus Psychogeography-55-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dus Psychogeography-58-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dus

Psychogeography-61-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dus Psychogeography-62-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dus

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