50 More Photos That Will Blow Your Mind!

Here’s the second part of jaw-dropping photographs from all over the world. If you missed the first part, you can see it HERE. Congratulations to all the artists who’s photos contributed to this collection and good luck to the passionate ones, to be able to come as close as possible to these artworks! As always, let us know your favorites in the COMMENTS section at the bottom of this blog…


Tearsauthor: Robert

Top of the World (Burj Kalifa)

Top of the Worldauthor: Robert Work

Forever in My Heart

Forever in My Heartauthor: Daniel Portal

Montreal’s Night

Montreal Nightauthor: YuppiDu


Lightningsauthor: Luis Romero

Bolt from the Black

Bolt from the Blackauthor: Andrew Styan

Ribbon Lightning Hits a Tree

Ribbon Lightning Hits a Tree

author: Przemyslaw Wielicki

War with the Sky

War with the Skyauthor: Marc Adamus

The Great Storm

The Great Stormauthor: Marciano Jo

Canyon Storm

Canyon Stormauthor: Doug Roane

The Spirit Of Spring

The Spirit Of Springauthor: Tammy Bergström


Lightningauthor: Hayk Manoyan


Eyessightauthor: Larry Lim

Standing Tall

Standing Tallauthor: Robert S.

Sky Hotel

Sky Hotelauthor: Ilya Belov

Clear Sky

Clear Skyauthor: Chalong Tawan

Winter Volcano

Winter Volcanoauthor: Dmitry Klimensky

Celebration Fireworks

Celebration Fireworksauthor: Taradol Chitmanchaitham

Crystal Cave

Crystal Caveauthor: Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson

Under The Ledge

Under The Ledgeauthor: Mark Lucey

A Very Long Thinking

A Very Long Thinkingauthor: mathilde guillemot

Sant Joan Feast 2

Sant Joan Feast 2author: Jordi Gallego

Volcano – the Kljuchevsky Sopka

Volcano - the Kljuchevsky Sopkaauthor: Denis Budkov

Antarctic Underwater Iceberg

Antarctic Underwater Icebergauthor: Kyle Marquardt

The Boss

The Bossauthor: Jérôme


Emotionauthor: Wolf Ademeit


Sprinkleauthor: Wolf Ademeit

The Bride

The Brideauthor: Ario Wibisono

Sparkles of Joy

Sparkles of Joyauthor: Magdalena Wasiczek

Woman Walking

Woman Walkingauthor: David Plata

Wall of Rain

Wall of Rainauthor: Julia Jewel

Bolivia Salt Desert After the Rain

Bolivia Salt Desert After the Rainauthor: Guy Nesher


Nitaauthor: Andre Arment


Showerauthor: James Puttick

Summer Rain

Summer Rainauthor: John Colbensen


Ice…author: Ilya Rashap

Fish restaurant, Zanzibar

Fish restaurant, Zanzibarauthor: Tibor Mester


Infinityauthor: Tibor Mester

The Pure Joy

The Pure Joyauthor: Nilesh Bhange

Pure Morning

Pure Morningauthor: Claudine V.


Bubblesauthor: Thomas Epting

Glastonbury Tor Startrails

Glastonbury Tor Startrailsauthor: Antony Spencer


Loveauthor: CK NG

National Park Berchtesgadener Land

National Park Berchtesgadener Landauthor: Christian Bothner

Yellow Eyes

Yellow Eyesauthor: Susanne Hvenegaard

Specious Peace

Specious Peaceauthor: Ingo Dumreicher

Snow Monkey Taking Bath in Hot Spring Water

Snow Monkey Taking Bath in Hot Spring Waterauthor: skyearth mufc

Towards the Storm

Towards the Stormauthor: Risquillo

Desert Choreography

Desert Choreographyauthor: Marsel van Oosten


Kaburauthor: Andre Arment

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