A Huge, Bare-Chested Statue Of Jeff Goldblum Just Popped Up In London

Londoners may have gotten a bit of a surprise this morning as giant, bare chested Jeff Goldblum sculpture popped up along the Thames River. 

The 25ft statue – in front of Tower Bridge – is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park in which Goldblum played heartthrob Dr Ian Malcolm.

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    The artwork pays homage to that famous scene when the mathematician character unbuttoned his shirt after being attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Look at the sweet, sweet detail on that statue:

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    It will be based on the lawn at Potters Field until Thursday.

    According to an interview, Goldblum suggested that showing some skin for the scene was totally his idea.

    "It’s supposed to be Costa Rica, right? So things are hot and I’m sure I’m in some sort of fever. So all the logic is that we gotta get some of these wet clothes off immediately. As I remember, I don’t think anybody fought me on that. "

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