A Man Leaves His Glasses on the Museum Floor, People Think It’s Art


Sometimes you see an artwork and think to yourself “how is that art?” But what actually makes art… art? Is it the technique? The idea behind it? Or maybe just the location?

Whatever your idea of art is, it probably isn’t this: the other day, a couple of pranksters known on Twitter as @TJCruda and @k_vinnn were getting a bit bored in the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, so they decided to add an exhibit of their own. They put a pair of glasses on the floor next to the information card and to their surprise, visitors took it for an actual piece of art!

Art lovers started to examine the glasses and even take pictures of it, while the pranksters were busy tweeting about their hilarious experiment. By now their tweets have been shared more than 40,000 times! And who says people don’t appreciate modern art.

The bottom line is this – if it makes you think, no matter how silly you think it is… then it’s art. Or maybe it isn’t.

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art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-6 art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-9  art-gallery-glasses-prank-tj-khayatan-12

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  1. OMG! This reminds me of the “Murphy Brown” episode where “Eldon” takes a job to repaint the walls of a gallery. People walk in and rave about how edgy and modern his art is, while he’s trying to explain to them that he’s just there to paint the walls. It ends with him yelling at them in disgust, pulling the rope on the paint-splatter tarp, and covering the crowd with it, while someone yells “It’s performance art!”. As an artist, it was my favorite scene from the entire “Murphy Brown” series, and my favorite all time scene about the frustrations of being an artist!

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